Take 7…Summer Edition: Earthquakes, filming, and more MSL!


I felt my first earthquake the other night!  That was officially my first earthquake (that I felt) and I can kind of see how I may have missed one before that as well.  It was late at night, everyone was sleeping and I had just watched Aly win the gold on the floor routine when our house started shaking like a giant truck drove by.  Only there was no truck.  It took me a minute to freak out once I realized what had happened, but once I did I got a little scared…we are so not ready for an earthquake!  I seriously need to get our emergency supplies together!!


The earthquake was fairly small (4.4) and located at least 40 miles away, so it didn’t last long, just a few seconds.  It really reminded me of where we lived in Mexico City.  Apparently our apartment was built on top of water and was really old (although it had survived the earthquake in the 80’s!) and shook every time a truck past.  It took me a second the other night to realize wait, this house isn’t supposed to shake like that!

I’m glad that’s over with, because it really wasn’t that bad.  Maybe now I won’t be so terrified.

Although maybe that means the big one is coming….


Speaking of being up late watching the Olympics, between  the time change with the Olympics being in London, social media, and THEN being on PST, watching the events this year has been really anti-climatic.  I’m trying to embrace it as just something entirely different but I have such great memories watching the Olympics in the past as it unfolds that I really hope the next games in Brazil are more real-time.


Maybe they will be real-time because we’ll be watching them live from Brazil??  You never know!  We’ve been waiting for a family wedding in Brazil that was supposed to have “been happening” for the last 4 years, so maybe it will actually happen within the next four years?  If not, maybe we’ll be there for the World Cup or World Youth Day.  One can hope!


For a little more LA feel, the park I walk up to almost daily was filming a movie a few weeks ago.  I went home and looked it up and apparently Ed Helms was in it.  Doh.  I should have looked closer and not tried to appear so nonchalant!


And then on Wednesday, a guy knocked on our door to say that they would be filming a sitcom on our street and that we’d need to move our cars since it was a period piece.  He said they’d pay us and inconvenience fee ($100!) to move our cars (since we have no garage),  so I said “yeehaw!” and then he asked for my info and SSN#.  I immediately thought that was fishy, especially since we get so many shady people like that in our neighborhood, so I said no thanks, even though he gave me his business card and everything.

When I walked yesterday I saw the “tow away” zone cones set up and this morning I see them setting up.  Guess it wasn’t a gimmick after all!

Funny thing is they are filming “Its always sunny in Philadelphia.”  Isn’t that funny its filmed in LA?  Apparently they choose our street because it looks like the East coast!  Does anyone watch that show?  I think its on cable, but I’m going to try to watch this next season now!


And finally, for your gratuitous piece of fashionably late pop culture, I give you, Curiosity, the Mars Science Lab, set to “Call Me Maybe”. 

Yeah, scientists are cool too, and only like, 10 weeks behind fads and with no musical composition whatsoever. Ha!


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Take 7 – Its been a long time…



So I think my blog issues may finally be fixed.  Thanks to whoever left that lovely comment yesterday to make me get on that.  I even sacrificed today’s nap to try to figure it out, not that I ever did figure out the bug in my old posts but at least I found a new template (that was free) that it doesn’t seem to be an issue with.


This is what I was also dealing with yesterday.  On my street.  Attending to a house three doors down.



I had just left the house to literally pick up milk and flour with a fussy baby and was coming back when I ran into my street blocked off with police and the bomb squad pulling up.


Yeah, pretty nutty.  Or rather, the guy who lives in that house was nutty.  And on lots of drugs.  I talked to his brother who was standing outside and apparently the brother had all types of homeless people squatting there before he was arrested.  We had noticed increasing weird activity and tons of trash outside the house but I never thought to call the police, we just avoided him.  The arrest was a good thing since it allowed his brother to come in and clean the place up, only to find a pipe bomb.  He had found several a few years ago also. (???)  Apparently this was one of his brother’s many hobbies.  So it was actually the brother who called the bomb squad to come detonate the bomb.


I was a little disturbed but fortunately a friend had literally just texted me asking if she could come over to meet Samuel.  She’s been trying to ever since he was born but for whatever reason it hadn’t worked out.  Talk about divine intervention! I probably freaked her out a little with my “Can I come over instead? I’ll explain when I get there.”  So not only did I have a safe place to go for the afternoon but Samuel finally met a friend in California!  Yay!  He does exist!


They detonated the bomb while I actually tried to run into the house to change Sam and grab his diaper bag (I literally had just taken a quick trip to the store).  It sounded like a cannon.  I heard they covered it with sandbags and shot it.  Crazy.


All that to say, there is a house going to be up for sale in our neighborhood soon.  Anyone want to move in? :)

Quick Takes – LA Style!

I don’t think I realized how bad I was feeling until, well, I felt better!  This week I’m almost out of the first trimester and finally over the cold that I got a few weeks ago at the conference, which means I no longer feel like if I don’t go to bed at 8:30pm, I will die (which, incidentally, was a flash back to my younger years.  Yes, instead of fighting my bedtime, I was the only child I know of that would fight if I wasn’t in bed on time.  I once went to the circus with my neighbors and made them leave early because it was my bedtime and I was afraid I would wake up late if I went to bed late and would miss school the next morning.  Yes, I was a born nerd :) )

So, here are a few things I’ve been up to lately, a la Quick Takes from Jen over at Conversion Diary!  Go check out her post from this week for more!


Almost/In the second trimester!  I still can’t figure out how you count these things.  More importantly, another ultrasound Monday morning!  At that point I’ll be able to tell work about the pregnancy and finally have it out in the open.  Good thing I work with all guys that haven’t batted a eye when I turned down those glasses of wine at happy hour.  If I worked with females I swear someone would have caught on by now!  My secretary made a comment today “Alison eats all day and stays skinny!  I eat air and gain weight!”  I was sooo laughing out loud because she’s hinted at it before but never directly said it like that…and I’m about to make her feel a lot better about my “metabolism” next week…


In case you’re wondering, I effectively stopped monitoring my progesterone which is contributing to me not worrying.  Not exactly, but with my insurance switch back in August and everything, it was getting really expensive to do the monitoring how we did it before, so I got our insurance system (Kai.ser, for anyone who has similar woes) to do the draws, only they did them in their lab – but for free!  Unfortunately Dr. H doesn’t take values ran in another lab, so even though they appeared higher, he won’t change my dosage.  Awesome.  Finally, after much finagling and telling of my crazy “I was seeing an infertility specialist and then I moved here and then my insurance changed and then I got pregnant, can you PLEASE help me?” I was finally able to get a little lab tech to agree to just hand over the vial of blood to me – totally against their rules.  And guess why?  Turns out it took her 5 years to conceive their child.  Gotta love the sisterhood.


So, we had an “LA moment” last night…actually, it was kind of our second so before I tell that one, did I ever mention that we went to one of the first screenings of this movie?  That was back in September.  I’ve talked about the comics before and when I heard wind that there was not only going to be movie, but that we were living 10 minutes away from where the movie was filmed and we could attend a screening of the movie at the campus and meet the director and actors, for free, we showed up an hour early to get the best seats in the house!  The movie was a blast, although I have to say it did bring back some horrible memories of exactly how bad those last few months of grad school were, not to mention the other years.

I think my favorite part of the night was when they had a panel and the main character, who was actually only a college freshman at Cal Tech when he got the part (actually, all the actors are real students and/or grad students there!  And the director was a student there herself!  They did all this in their free time…How cool is that?!), made a comment about this movie only being a caractature of grad school and it wasn’t really like that and the whole audience, who were all predominantly grad students and/or postdocs, all burst out laughing.  It turns out he wasn’t really acting when he played that naive character just learning about grad school…!


Ok, so our big LA moment was that we got to go to a movie premier last night!  Ok, so it was small budget film that was just released nationwide in 1,000 theaters today (which is apparently a lot for an Indie film) and I hadn’t heard of it until we got the invite, but I’m so glad we went!  Have you heard of The Mighty Macs?

If this picture doesn't sell it, I don't know what else will!

Apparently the National Catholic Register wrote this piece on it a few days ago (which I’m just now finding) and there’s more information on where its showing here.  Its basically a Rudy/Hoosiers story-line of the first team to win the NCAA Women’s tournament back in the 70’s, and it just so happened to be a small Catholic women’s college.  We were apparently at the faith focused premier, since I’ve never seen a movie with so many nuns and priests!  (Only a few, but that’s a few more than you normally see!).  It was a really cute, inspiring movie and if you have a family, you should definitely go see this.  Its the type of movie I’d like to buy and show my kids…all around feel good.

And there were a lot of cool quirks we learned about the movie from the panel Q&A afterwards…like how there’s one scene in which one of the nuns listening to the game back home was actually the directors mom, who died unexpectedly just a short time after filming.  Really amazing that they had that footage and very meaningful once we learned that.  Also, the director was one of 12 kids!!  Obviously Catholic (ahem, nuns on the advertising material?) and moral undertones without being preachy…I think that’s what I call good Christian art :)


The other funny part about the evening is that we were totally under dressed.  I don’t know what I thought, but somehow the fact that an invite ended up in my email box had to mean that it would be a lot more casual…so we both showed up in jeans (at least I was wearing heels and not tennis shoes like someone!).  Turns out there was a red carpet and the media there!  Don’t worry, they don’t even bother pointing their camera at the rift-raft…it just would have hilarious to have just dressed up super glitzy (like I have those clothes) and just strut down the red carpet.  Umm, definitely not.  We were relegated to the ‘general admission line’ but the tickets were still free so I’m not complaining :)


Actually, truth is I joked with my husband about having a red carpet moment like Beyoncé did a few months ago.  Oh, you know what I’m talking about.  Actually that’s a common running joke we have about how we’ll eventually tell people I’m pregnant…at my music show…with the wind blowing in my hair…as I reveal our “love child” bump while singing my #1 hit.

Drat! How I wish I had photoshop right now! I could have created the best/scariest picture ever...I guess this will just have to do

Oh yes, of course, that’d be classy, hunny.  But then that red carpet was there and I was like, quick honey, blow in my face so my hair will look cool and I can reveal my….beer gut.  Let’s be honest, only in my head can I pass for a pregnant woman.  Noooot quite, but it totally had us laughing for a while…or at least me…

Which brings me to my next point…


Apparently I was dead wrong when I wrote this post.  I never formerly apologized for being dead wrong, but I am now.  I’m sorry!!  It turns out Beyoncé just really knows how to dodge media questions.  Well played Beyoncé, well played.  At first I thought, well with an out of the world pregnancy announcement like that – and as excited as Jay-Z looked – maybe they did have troubles?  But I’m pretty sure that was just the work of a diva entertainer putting on an over the top announcement that no sub/infertile would have the gall to pull off.  What do you think?

Hope y’all have a relaxing weekend!

Little takes


Thank you all for your comments yesterday.  You have no idea how they have lifted my spirits…your stories about nausea free pregnancies and your prayers, man.   They were a great remedy for my fear.  You seem to only hear about the pregnancies that are bad, but I guess that’s just because we like to complain, huh?  ;)  I still am a numbers girl though and man, when I think about that 18, I get freaked out and its hard to breathe.  My progestrone hasn’t been that low in a while.  It was ~30 the two months on HCG, so those numbers are messing with me too.  Oh Lord.  Nothing I can do now.


I forgot to mention that earlier this week I had a dream I had a miscarriage. Super vivid.  In my dream I was ready for it though, the miscarriage.  I have been feeling like I’m looking for my period for the past 5 weeks now, so I guess in my dream I just expected it.  “Here it comes!”  Oh man.  Let that just stay a dream.


Oh yes, and I tried to call the doctor yesterday and see if there was just any way they could pretty pretty please squeeze me in and see me any earlier than next Friday?   Of course they are absolutely booked until then.  He said if I want to say I have cramping I can just go to the ER.  I won’t be doing that.

I know its not an ultrasound I want though, I just want to know that everything is going to be OK.  I want to know that I get to stay in this amazing land and continue on my journey to Planet pregnancy (I think I won’t be there until I see the baby…or I see a bump…I don’t know at what point it becomes ‘real’) and one day I’ll get to hold this little baby that I still can’t wrap my head around but is apparently in my belly?

And I know that an ultrasound won’t give me that, not really.  Maybe it will make me feel better for the moment (or it will confirm what’s happened) but it probably won’t last much longer after that.  I’ll still always have to wonder if everything is going OK in there.

So, I guess its my lot to have this wait.  To just, walk it by faith this next week.  That’s what I need more of anyway.


Now for a total switch….I heard on the radio today that unemployment is 12.5% in LA now and rising.  I feel even more fortunate to have landed this job (I just completed my first month), even though the timing of it all is pretty amazing.


  It does cross my mind that I like my job so much more because I know that I’m pregnant.  Isn’t that ridiculous?


Ok, back to the topic….As hard as this has been (and as hard as I just cried realizing my progesterone is still zone 2), this ‘suffering’ is so much different than sub-fertility.  That felt like being led blind in the dark, true physical and emotional suffering and isolation.  This feels like, “Here’s this amazing blessing you could never have deserved, but wait…Why are you freaking out now??? Just be patient there is an end in sight, weirdo!  Just have a little trust!” (Yes, God calls me a weirdo in my inner monologues)

The joy I’ve felt this past month has been amazing…joy I didn’t know I was even capable of still feeling.  Even though there has been worry and anxiety as well, its totally different than having so little to grasp at and to just know that whatever happens, this has happened, has been incredible.  I just wanted to make that clear, in case I was sounding whiny.  Its just that the worry of being a mom and totally set it.

And that’s a new, terrifying game in its own right.


Never have I appreciated the weekends more than now that I’m working.  Hallelujah its Friday.  (Plus that means, only 1 more week!)

Please go for more quick takes at Jen’s.  And have a great weekend :)

Take 7 – Truly Random


My Hispanic husband was very confused by the gazpacho I made this past week.  I come in to find him eating it with chips and asking why the salsa was so runny.  Oh honey…


Knitting was a lot more fun when I had TV channels to watch while knitting.  Plus, I think knitting is more fun in cold weather anyway, I just want to be outside these days!


I ordered a food dehydrator last week but I’m scared to use it.  We have a tree full of apricots and the figs are almost ripe (I think?  I don’t know what they’re supposed to look like…) but I just would rather eat them fresh because I know I won’t screw them up.  I’ll break it out this weekend and let you know how it went…


Fresh squeezed orange juice is waaayyy better than store bought.  Only thing is, I ran out of the low hanging fruit and even with my tall frame am having a hard time reaching the oranges at the top of the tree (and that’s with a fruit picker!).  Isn’t that some sort of metaphor?


My “happy family jade ball” continues to mock me.  When I unpacked it immediately my heart sank.  Stupid ball.  I bought it in China right before we started trying to grow our family.  It was supposed to resemble our interlocking generations with the dragon (male) and phoenix (female) carved on the outermost ring and our children within.  Its not like I actually believed it would bring good luck, its just one of those things that’s associated with a naivete I’ve long lost.

Hard to see the carvings in this picture, but you can see the interlocking layers.



Had a 3rd interview for what seems like a dream job and it went well.  I will find out in a few weeks if I got the job.

I have a lot more conflicting feelings on the subject of looking for work while dealing with sub-fertility and the anxiety that surfaces when purusing a career at a time when I thought I would be preparing to be a stay at home mom, but that’s not really a quick take.  So I’ll save that for later.


Not only is my house/neighborhood full of fruit trees, but its also full of animals.  Someone asked if we live in a zoo.  If you’re my facebook friend, you’ve probably seen these pictures, but here they are anyway.

Mini pony out our window! (Before the apricots were ripe)

This happened while we had guests..."Umm, why is there a peacock in the street??"


It turns out the horses live down the street...and our grass is tasty :)

We definitely live in a strange neighborhood….


Ok, that’s all my quick takes for this week.  Go over to Jen who’s hosting it at Conversion Diary to see more quick takes!

Take 7 – The Revival!

Haven’t done these in a while but I was feeling inspired so here goes nothing…

I try not to just flat out complain on here, but these are things I will just never understand…


Why at the baggage claim does everyone huddle up as close as they can to the edge to wait for their bags?  Does no one realize that if everyone just takes two steps backwards we will all be able to see more clearly and not have to push past each other when our bag comes around?  Does huddling close like that actually help anyone or just make it more difficult for everyone?


I really don’t understand the cars that race right behind the firetrucks.  Everyone’s pulling over to make room for the emergency vehicle because out there somewhere there’s an emergency going on, and then some nerd out there thinks that what he’s doing is equally important and just speeds along behind the firetruck, as if all the cars are pulling to the side for him.  Who is that guy and really, what is he doing that is so important?


I don’t understand the people who say “Oh, I could never live anywhere else but X” when in reality, they have never lived anywhere else other than place X so it is impossible for them to make such a statement.  Such a statement is just like stating a fact (“I have never lived anywhere else”) and will have no influence on what people actually think of place X, regardless of what effect you’re attempting to have.


Ok, this isn’t a complaint, but I just wanted to point out that Mexico is where shoes go to die.  My husband and I both had shoes eat it in Mexico and since I’m sure you want to see proof in pictures, here you go:

 I guess that’s a testament to how much walking we did there without a car.  And no, I did not have an accident in the picture above…I actually had just washed dishes and well, didn’t notice the awkwardness of the picture until after the moment had passed.  Whoops.


I’ll never understand people who try to get a (successful) haircut in a country using a language they don’t speak.  Wait, that one’s me…

Sometime during this past spring, I decided that I needed to cut my own hair, since I didn’t have time to go to the salon and I was feeling broke after buying so many plane flights to see my husband.  Lesson #1:  Don’t cut your own hair unless you’re going for that purposely uneven look.  Lesson #2:  Don’t think that getting your hair cut in another country where you can’t speak to the stylist will actually make said bad haircut any better (No matter what your husband tells you).

So, that picture above was taken right after my mexi haircut.  Its really not that bad, it just didn’t fix the unevenness, because apparently my grunts and finger pointing weren’t able to portray “I royally screwed up this side so you might just want to do something new all together”….imagine that…


I will never understand people who drop their phones in the toilet.  That would happen to drunk college girls all the time back in the day and I’d hear about it in undergrad and think WOW, what were you doing to drop your phone in the toilet??


Actually, I take back #6.  I totally understand why people now drop their phones in the toilet and its because they put their phones in their pants back pocket!  And I knew this!  Yet I still did this last night – and was sober I might add.  Dah.  Just my luck that in the week that we’re leaving and I’m trying to get a hold of all my friends to say goodbye that I would drown my phone.  Drunk college girls, I’m sorry for laughing at you then.  Who knew that 8 years later I’d be racking my brain trying to remember what it is you did to get it to turn back on…

Alright, a totally frivolous post but between tying up loose ends in Texas, packing out and moving, and an upcoming surgery, I wanted to write something a little light-hearted!  Have a great weekend everyone and please stop by Jen’s for more Quick Takes!

Take 7 – Confessions

These quick takes are more like confessions.  Super short confessions about my trials and tribulations with pregnancy tests.


I hadn’t bought pregnancy tests since Nov. 2009.  I believe they only feed the impatient Alison.  That and my husband didn’t want me wasting the money and torturing myself.  I like that he doesn’t like me to torture myself.


Well, minus the pregnancy test over the summer that the doctor made me take, because from my chart I “looked pregnant!” and it must be true if the doctor thinks so.  Welcome to my world, sir.  And it was (surprise) negative.  And $50.  Ouch.


This week, I bought three from the dollar store.  I blame it on my husband not being around to stop me.


Two of them were negative.


I want to throw the third one away before I have a chance to uselessly use it.  I will not be buying anymore.


Implantation cramps are probably something that a sub/in-fertile woman made up.  I’m pretty sure those can’t actually exist in real life.  It was probably just gas.


The lady at the dollar store asked if they work, because she needed to take one.  Work as in how?  Allow you to pee on them?  Give you positives?  Or tell you the cold-hard truth?  I’m pretty sure I need a bigger data set to be able to tell that.  Either way, I said a quick prayer for her as I left.  Some people don’t hope for pregnancy.  Some people worry about it instead.  Both aren’t easy.

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Take 7 – I lost count


Thank you all for your comments on my post the other day.  I hate the idea that someone can never understand a situation unless they’ve been it in, because then that leaves everyone forever never understanding people different from themselves, so I try and try to explain things to have people see it from my (our) perspective.  It might be a useless battle and maybe its “impossible to understand unless you’ve been there” after all, but.  To everyone that commented and isn’t sub/infertile, Thanks.  It means the world to me.


Last week I had the pleasure of confirming that bloggers do exist in real life too!!  And contrary to my husband’s original opinion, they are not all men pretending to be women or ax murders (verdict is still out on the rest of you though…). After a year and a half of blogging, I finally met my first blogger, in Mexico no less!  Martha trying to be Mary and I got together for a Creighton class in Spanish (transparente moco, anyone?) and then went to mass and adoration as well!  I got to meet so many of her friends and the brothers and sisters at the French order and let me tell you, she is popular!  I have forgotten what its like to know the people you’re at mass with!  She also gave me a ride home, as I discovered apparently we do not live in the best area of Mexico City…hmm…I came home so happy and ecstatic that I had “friends in Mexico” (I met another girl as well and exchanged numbers) that my husband said “I only wish you met her earlier!”  Umm, I would have.  But you thought she might be a man…remember that?  Don’t worry, she does and she’ll probably remind you as well! And she did.  It was too funny.


This counts as a second take because I got to meet up with her again!  We had such a good time and needed way more time to talk that we met up again on Saturday with both our husbands.  We talked more about what she’s doing trying to bring Napro to Mexico and let me tell you people, it is BIG.  Waaayyy bigger than it sounds on her blog (yes, she underestimates it online!).  So please, send up your prayers.  Mexico needs her and she needs as much support and “angels” as she can get!  Its a big task for anyone and she’s already a busy person!  Her and her husband are such a sweet, beautiful, passionate couple, I loved hearing how on fire they were about Napro and their adoption.  Plus they took us to the coolest places in Mexico with the best food! And an amazing painter’s house where we bought some beautiful art :)  And…we made them late to everything because we wouldn’t stop talking!  (or me…almost crying…ahem).  It was truly an awesome experience and I hope we can meet up again when I get back!


Ok, one final thing about Martha…we look like we could be sisters!  I have had slight complex since moving to Mexico that I just feel like an outsider because I don’t “look” like I belong.  My husband has repeatedly told me that no, there are Mexican’s that look like me, the real problem is my Spanish (ouch, but true!).  Meeting Martha totally confirmed that and having “friends in Mexico” (yes, I used to have no friends!) really motivated me to learn Spanish.  Unfortunately (or fortunately…)


I have a tentative thesis defense date!  And my head just exploded from the reality of that statement!  I wish I felt the use of more exclamation marks was more appropriate!  This is huge because I might. actually.  finish. this. degree!  Yes, I have had my doubts over these last 5 years but the end is in sight!  So so in sight!  I have so much to do until then that I somehow convinced my adviser that I could accomplish.  But still!  She thinks it can happen as well!


Everyone’s heard how President Hu of China has been visiting the White House, right?  Well, I heard this chisme from a guy in our lab this morning.  Last night Chinese pianist Lang Lang played a song from a 1960’s classic Chinese movie about the Korean war (obviously from the Chinese perspective).  When this man heard about the song being played, he said that it was pretty offensive to be invited to the White House and play this song, very disrespectful of America.  He was very surprised it was cleared to be played in front of the President, no less.  Apparently all the Chinese websites and new stations are picking it up and covering this story of how China came and played that song, but the White House seems to have no idea.  This is the only story I can find in English about it and it doesn’t mention anything.

I guess I find it comical because, American doesn’t know Chinese or Chinese culture enough to be offended!  Pretty interesting anyways.


Remember last year I had that ordeal with the King Cake?  Well, this year on Three Kings Day there was another cake, complete with more babies (it was a long cake).  And GUESS WHAT?  I got the baby (more correctly, I almost decapitated the baby cutting my slice but that still counts).  I’m not taking it to mean anything thought because, well, my mom also got a baby (I told you, it was a big cake).


Hope you have a good weekend!  Go check out Jen for more Quick Takes!

7 life lessons I’ve learned from Mexican novelas

After I revealed that our new favorite TV show (actually, my husband’s favorite!) is Profugas del Destino (<—That link will tell you all you need to know!), I’ve decided to do a little spin on my Take 7 this week and share 7 valuable life lessons I’ve learned by watching this novela.  Enjoy!


If you are an orphan being raised in a convent by some friendly priests and nuns, it is highly likely that one or both of your biological parents are in close contact to you everyday.  Even more highly probable is that your father is the local drug lord.  I’m just trying to save you a few tears.


If you’ve been infertile for 7 or 8 years, you will concieve!…


… But only because you weren’t really infertile after all!  It turns out that your lying, scumbag husband actually got a vasectomy 8 years ago and let you believe you were infertile for all that time!  The only reason that you conceived is because you were cheating on your husband!  (Let’s not go that route folks…) AND it will be the town doctor that tells you all this!  Hippo oaths mean nothing!


It is impossible to tell something confidential to someone in private.  No matter where you are when you try to have this conversation (in the woods, in a store at a mall, a child’s classroom), someone will overhear you and that someone is 90% likely to be your arch-nemesis and/or the subject of your gossiping.  Just keep your secrets to yourself!


You can ride the metro for days and never see anyone that resembles someone who remotely looks like they could be on a novela.  Standards of beauty in Mexico seem unreasonably high for the general population.


If you buy your girlfriend all the equipment to open her own beauty salon, you can not be upset when she cuts other men’s hair.  Don’t buy people gifts you don’t want them using.  End of story.


So, if I’d been studying Spanish harder, I’d probably have more life lessons. So, learn Spanish to understand that last 10%.  That’s all I got.


Ok, go see Jen for more Quick Takes…probably not about novelas!

Take 7 – Gratitude

Theme:  Things I’m thankful for


Gracious friends who let me live with them for my extended time back here in Texas with absolutely no strings attached.  Friends like that are hard to find.


Cold(er) weather.  Makes me appreciate the Houston summer heat and humidity more.


Money that allows me to visit my husband…making this time apart shorter and more bearable.


Running into the priest who witnessed our marriage randomly at a local mass.  He was substituting for our regular pastor and I hadn’t seen him since before we left for Mexico.  It was so great to catch up!


My parents living close enough so that I get to see my mom on a random weekend (this one) and I can just drive home for Thanksgiving (saving that money for trips to Mexico…).


Free knitting needles! Apparently knitting is a long tradition in my family and I have now inherited a mess of needles of all sizes so I can now branch out.  I also have some rockin’ patterns from the 70’s…guess who’s husband is going to be sporting a wicked sweater vest soon??  Get ready Julio Iglesias…


St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy. I’ve been reading her book, oh, for several months now, which is an entire post in and of itself, but I am thankful to have such inspiration and examples in the Saints of our Church.  This was highly unexpected from a little-girl-raised-Protestant-converted-to-Catholicism (I was sold on the “Believe they exist, but specifics are optional” line during RCIA), but perhaps one of the greatest unanticipated blessing.  [Belief in saints is part of the Lutheran tradition as well, its just, well, never mentioned.]

What are you giving gratitude for right now?  Hope you have a great weekend!

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