On goaltending

Thank you for your kind comments.  A long Saturday morning Skype conversation with the hubs averted the derailment of the sanity train – at least this time!  [Note to self that not exercising for 3 weeks may also not be good for my mental health.] In case it ever appears that I have it all together, let it be known that I don’t.

I did want to share a funny story.  This weekend, while I was holding back tears after a friend asked if we stopped trying – because if we’re not pregnant by now we must have stopped, right? – and then quickly changed the subject as if the question had never been asked when I answered that yes, we were still trying (maybe I just imagined the whole thing?),  my husband was answering his own questions in Mexico and with way more pizazz!

I don’t know all the details of the situation, but he was at dinner with other people in the program and there was a conversation about kids.  Everyone was chiming in with their “We want 1.5 kids” when my husband responded “Oh yes, we want an army” – an answer that he likes to give because, well he would welcome an army of children and he enjoys seeing people’s reactions who have just professed to have a fear of children.  He can be obnoxious like that, but he likes to answer with humor rather than preaching.  Of course, the response, as always is “Well, what about Alison though…does she want that?” because as we know, all women hate children.  “Of course she does.”  And then came the next question,

“So then, are you guys going to pull the goalie?”

At which point in the Skype conversation, I started hysterically laughing.

Apparently my husband responded in his gangster wanna-be way, “Oh, the goalie’s been done pulled!”

Have you heard that saying before?  Pulling the goalie?  Really?  Hilarious.

I couldn’t help but think later that that phrase isn’t very accurate for NFP couples because, well, there was never really a goalie to begin with.  So I started brainstorming phrases to respond to next time people ask if we “pulled the goalie”.

–  The goalie didn’t even get to practice with the team!

–  The goalie never even showed up to the game!

–  You guys play with a goalie?

–  What’s a goalie?

–  Anyone who uses their hands is cheating.

–  We don’t play with a goalie, our offense is that good.


Ok, that’s all I got.  Perhaps I have taken this analogy too far.


…or maybe I didn’t take it far enough!  Got any others?

My new hobby

There are a lot of things I should be doing…learning Spanish…my research…getting out and seeing the city…writing a paper…

But check out what I made last week!

That’s right, I’m now a knitter!

My hippie pose.

Do you like my hat model? I think it goes well with the “Scarface” T-shirt, don’t you?  I have other pictures are more funny, but I don’t want to embarrass him too badly on this blog :)  If we’re having this much fun taking pictures of hat, imagine how much fun we’ll have with a matching scarf!

Oh yeah, and if you know me in real life, you should state your color preferences now because there is a high probability you will be receiving one of these for Christmas :)

My other half

I’ve sung his praises before, but I’m long over due in introducing my husband!  He has many amazing, wonderful qualities, but most importantly, I do believe we complement each other beautifully.  Here are a few things that make my husband who he is:

1.  He is ideal to the end. This is one of the things that first attracted me to him.  His idealism is contagious.  It makes you want to not settle for anything other than the best you can do and be.  This comes out it his faith and his relationships with other people.  He doesn’t hold grudges and will always treat people as though they never wronged him. And although he has high standards, he is very forgiving and understanding of people’s faults and doesn’t hold this against them.

Drove to Niagara Falls, 2 days before his thesis...

2.  He is dedicated and has a strong work ethic. When he puts his mind to something, he will give it everything he has.  He has done this athletically and academically time and again.  When he works out, he maintains a constant schedule (changing his physical activity and his diet).   In high school, despite being a year younger than everyone and physically less developed (he’ll probably kill me for saying that!) he practiced like no other to make his team, which had several people go pro on it (we’re a lot alike in that sense!).  When he has a project due, it is no big deal for him to make himself stay up several nights in a row to reach the deadline.  While he is very strong and fast and smart, what he lacks in natural talent he will make up ten-fold in effort.  I love this part about him!

Working on a plane

3.  He knows how to have fun. For as hard as he works and as smart as he is, you think he’d be a really boring work-a-holic.  But he’s the opposite!  Work hard, party hard is his motto.  Of course this has calmed down now that he’s married ;) but he still loves nothing more than having a casual conversation about something completely unrelated to work.  He’s the best at finding common ground with people he just met and will even talk to my deaf great aunt for hours!  He is definitely a social, people person.

4.  He loves God more than me. To be honest, this threatened me when I first met him.  I didn’t know how I could be #2 in a relationship.  I’ve since matured a lot (thank God!) and realized that you can’t love other people without loving God first.  His faith is very important to him,he believes it and he understands it, unlike the other Catholic guys I’ve dated.

5.  He doesn’t need much. Materially, that is.  One of my favorite examples is when we were doing our wedding registry and I put new towels on the list, he told me we didn’t need anymore because he already had a towel.  A towel people, that was so thin you could almost see through it!  He cuts his own hair.  I could count the times in the past 5 years that he’s gone shopping for clothes for himself (two – and I took him both times), although he did want a big TV (which of course I agreed to) for when we have other people over, which brings me to the next one…

6.  But he’s very generous with other people, not stingy. He spends money on other people, just not himself.  He will buy everyone in his family a birthday/Christmas gift to show them he cares and he will offer to pay for food/drinks whenever we go out with other people.  He is prudent with himself so that he can afford to spend his money on other people.

6.  His family is very important to him. Seeing how much his family mattered to him before we were married assured me of what a priority I would be in his life once we were married.  He once had a conflict with his sister’s college graduation.  He had to be in Texas the evening before and in Cali the next morning, while getting his car to New Mexico that same weekend.  His solution?  Drive all night and take a red eye out of New Mexico to Cali.  Not the common solution, but to him it was completely reasonable to him, and he did it (see #1).  Another time, he literally emptied his bank account (I’m talking like, zero balance) in order to buy a plane ticket back to Cali in order to be there for his sister’s engagement party (see #6) because family means so much to him.  He also bought a last minute plane ticket, despite the crazy cost, so that he could be there for my dad’s retirement, because he knew what a big deal it was for my family (even before we were married!).   Now that we’re married, we have issues like saving money for our own family, etc., so money is a little tighter (as in, we don’t let that bank account get to zero), but family is still at the top of his priorities.

7.  He’s very meticulous. Which is why he makes a good engineer!  If you give him 2 hours on a test, you will have to tell him to put his pencil down at the end of the 2 hrs, because he will work and re-work every problem until time is up.  He also has this little bottle of hair gel that he fills and refills every time we go on a flight, so that he doesn’t have to check his bag.  And this little bottle is not easy to fill, but he’ll take the time to do it which leads me to…

8.  He is super patient. This is a very good complement to me, since I am not patient at all!  He can calmly wait for things to happen and never expects results right away.  This makes him a good partner on this current phase of our marriage :)  He also doesn’t get flustered when driving in strange places.  Bonus!

9.  He loves to cook. He actually taught me how to cook (I really only knew how to bake!).  With his patience (and #7!), he makes everything from scratch, so although it may take 4 hours, it will taste really good!

Cooking something?

10.  He loves optimizing everything. He will research for hours before he buys something.  That TV I mentioned earlier? Like 3 months of hemming and hawing over what he wanted in a TV and where to get the best deal.  My engagement ring?  Like 4 months of research.  He’s not the impulsive buyer (I am!) but always makes good decisions as a result.

11.  He is the most logical person I know. This would bug me to no end when we first met and we’ve have discussions (see my faith story…) and while I had the desire for arguing (ahem) I had an a serious deficiency in some of my ways of logic.  I love how Catholic schools teach logic and reasoning and he apparently sucked it up like a sponge because he is amazingly good at explaining complicated concepts and engaging in civil debate.

12.  He loves children.  He has great memories of his childhood and when his family gets together they always recount the memories of Halloween and Christmas and just fun random stories from their youth.  I loved this part of him before we were married and it makes me excited for the day that we become parents because I know he will be a great father.

"Teaching" my nephew how to crawl

I could go on! But I’ll stop there, because I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about how awesome I think my husband is :) But I do want to call attention to almost all of these points because today, my husband successfully defended his PhD thesis! He had another presentation for work on Tuesday and I still don’t know how he manages to do all that he does, but I am immensely proud of all that he has accomplished, and I know this is just the beginning of what he’s capable of :)

So congrats to the first Dr. Moonhead…hopefully I’ll be joining him soon!

Like Kathleen suggested, please introduce your other half on your blog!

Ok, so let’s see how long it takes for him to find this post…and if he comments on it!