Six weeks out

Today Sam and I went in for our 6 week checkup.  My little chunker was up 3 lbs since the 2 week appointment!  That’s 11 lbs 4 oz, and somewhere around 23-23.5 inches.  Which means he doesn’t actually look that chunky.  Apparently I am “healed”, everything looks good, and that was our last appointment with the midwife, until next time.  Until next time?  That’s a thought that’s been going through my head that solicits conflicting responses.

Will there be a next time?

I know, 6 weeks out and its ridiculous that I’m even thinking about this already.  But several people have asked if I’m “fixed” now, in the truest sense of the word (as opposed to how its commonly used).  Other people (ahem, my mom and MIL) both apparently think that I’ll be pregnant again ASAP.  I’m sure other people due too.  Who knows what will happen?  I guess to someone who had trouble getting pregnant, people fail to realize that there are worse things than having two kids close together, if God were to grant that to me.  Granted, now that I realize the work associated with 1 child, I also realize the gravity associated with bringing a child into this world and want to make sure I’m healthy as possible to handle such a situation, but I also know that, should I be granted another child fairly quickly, there could be worse things.  Like never having children at all.  It reminds me of these two posts, both written about a similar topic.

Its amazing how quickly people seem to forget your struggle once you have a kid, which includes people who struggled to have a kid in the first place.  A relative asked if now that we got pregnant, did we decrease the number of children we wanted?  Like, now we only wanted two, right?  Well, not exactly, we just decided to give up on being worried about a number.

And who knows if I’m “fixed”.  I was “fixed” enough to get pregnant once, I guess it could happen again, I don’t see why not.  We have proof of concept, I can have a healthy child to term, that’s huge.  But I also have no idea what’s in the future for us.

I do know that I have a healthy baby boy to our surprise yesterday did a little moonwalk:

and then, while I was trying to capture it, did this, which may look like falling over, but to us was HUGE:

Six weeks suddenly feels like a lifetime.