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I’ve realized I’ve never fully explained why I named my blog what I did.

It’s not really profound.

My husband’s nickname (and the nickname he now calls any cute, adorable kid that he thinks resembles himself) is “little moonhead”.  It started though because he really was a moonhead when he was little, as in, his head was as big as the moon.  Like a seriously cute, but nevertheless a ginormous moonhead.  It looked like a bobble head.  His mom has horror birthing stories to prove it! (sorry, but yes, I went there).

So as is the family tradition, I naturally joined in the making fun of his giant moonhead.  And purposely pose for pictures to make his head look even MORE ginormous.  Like so.

(I think he knows it in this picture.  Look at those suspicious eyes…)

That is until one day when I borrowed his hat, only to discover that SOMEHOW our heads are exactly the same size.   I have a moonhead too?? To be fair, I feel like I have more of a pin head that’s narrow but long.  His is more spherical and moon-ish.  But regardless, both of our heads take up about the same volume.  So we’re matching moonheads.  (Yes, we’ve thought about this entirely too much.)

Matching moonheads.  And whenever I call him a moonhead, he calls me one right back.  We even named our rockband “The Moonheads”.  And our wireless network.  I guess it just kind of stuck.

So these are the Adventures of the Moonheads.

I told you it wasn’t that cool.  That’s what I get for impulsively naming this blog!

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