A completely frivolous post about hair

After a wonderful vacation to a hot and humid tropical island, after a shorter haircut than I’ve had in a while (about shoulder length) I am once again reminded of the utter pointlessness of doing anything to try to control my hair. I literally almost had dreads after 2 days in the ocean. Which brings me to my next point: I need to get dreads.

Just kidding, there is nothing worse than a white girl with dreads.

I need to somehow harness the inner curly turmoil of my hair and just own it. Apparently its not actually ‘curly’ but more, wavy or even better s’wavy. I usually dabble in the crunchy mousse, but there’s no way I can wear that two days in a row. And frankly, it just always looks wet. I haven’t bought any in years. I want to keep the fluff!

I did no ‘poo for a year and it just killed the inner wavy. I’ve been reading more recently about the modified no ‘poo of the curly girl method and I’m going to make a conscious effort to try that out.

I’ve tried to make my hair something its not for my whole life. It seems right about time (hot muggy weather coming my way!) to just admit that I need a little product and to figure it out.

My top goals are to:

1. Figure out how to not make my hair look so, so so, frizzy (some frizz is inevitable, and maybe endearing?), and

2. Figure out how to wear wavy/curly hair multiple days in a row. Because I’m really lazy and do not shower everyday.

Anyone out there figure out some routine that works?

5 thoughts on “A completely frivolous post about hair

  1. I’m right there with ya! I have no idea what to do w/ my wavy/curly frizzy hair. Yours might be curlier than mine but the frizz is strong with me. I have been using organix kukui oil spray but I find that I want to wash my hair by day two. I shower daily in the summer but every other day the rest of the year. Unless I am working out daily I am showering daily. I am interested to hear others’ tips because I could use some!

  2. I don’t see anything frivolous about hair :). I probably am not any help, because my hair has exactly the opposite problem (perfectly flat and plastered to my head, no volume even in 100% humidity, and will not hold a curl even with overnight rollers). However, maybe this will help – I bought Garnier’s “curl cream” a few years ago in another fruitless attempt to get my hair to hold a curl. It didn’t work. However, a friend with curly hair borrowed it to get her hair to settle down in the morning, and it worked for HER. (Maybe that’s what it’s really for?) It smells nice, and it does not make hair crunchy. So….it couldn’t hurt?

  3. I have curly hair and lots of frizz if I don’t put any product in it. (my nickname in middle school was ‘Fro cause my hair was so frizzy and just … yeah)
    I use gel, but I shower daily (shampoo every other day, conditioner every day). I’ve been late out of bed some days, and on those days, I just mist and lightly wet my gelled hair from the day before and let it air dry. It doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look as good as when it is clean hair + gel.
    I have also just washed my hair daily, without showering, so maybe that is an option too?
    Mousse would be a good thing to try (if you haven’t), as it isn’t as strong and “crunchy” as gel, although if you are still getting frizzy hair with mousse, maybe try gel with a hold of a #1 or #2 instead of a #4 or #5 hold.
    With my crazy hair, after a shower, shampoo and/or conditioner, I comb through my hair and then use two handfuls of #3 hold gel. I let it air dry while I do my face and makeup and get dressed, then go back and figure out my hair style. If my curls are “good” for the day, then I’ll do a half-up / half down style, but if it is a “ain’t-lookin-good-no-way-no-how” kind of hair day, I just pony tail it up. After I do my style, then I cover it with a coating of (aerosol) hairspray and then it is hands off until it dries. I know aerosol is bad for a person and the planet, but it gives the best overall hold vs. the spray wand kind, which kind of clumps the hairspray onto my hair.
    Anyway … after all my looooong, crazy rambling, suffice it to say that I have tried a lot of combos to get my hair “just right” and feel where you’re coming from. It is a pain (not to mention expensive) to experiment and try new products – but I hope you find something that works for you!! Please let us know how it turns out!!

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