A fall garden attempt and a year!

I had such high hopes for our garden this year! The results were less than spectacular. It turns out the squirrels really are rabid here and they did not desire to respect our “let’s share the tomatoes because there is enough for everyone, mmk?” I don’t think I’ve seen a red tomato in weeks, despite having 5 tomato plants out there! They aren’t touching the jalapenos though, I can’t imagine why?

Our squash came and went, again, blighted by that same powdery mildew we had in California. I got a few cans of pickles and some zucchini before all the plants died off. I harvested exactly 3 butternut, 1 acorn, 1 spaghetti squash, and a handful of smaller striped squash. I’m pretty sure there is no way anyone actually has a completely “natural” garden.  The more research I do on this seems to conclude that as well, there are just different additives people use of safer origins. So next year I’m looking at getting some sort of cage/covering in addition to more regularly using a fungicide of some sort.

2014-08-25 10.05.08Our watermelon did way better than last year, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we actually ever ate any. I had about 5 ping pong to tennis ball sized melons out there that would just never grow. I had one honeydew that got big enough, but I think I left it on the vine too long (intentionally, to let it ripen) and eventually, something came along and ate half of it too.

2014-08-25 10.05.19

We had several trips this summer as well, which always makes maintenance difficulty! On one 10-day trip out west I hired the neighborhood boy to water because he had always taken an interest in my garden. About 5 days in I get a text from his mom saying that the squirrels ate all the corn. I laughed a little out loud when I read it. I was thinking that maybe they mistakenly thought that the 4 ears we harvested the day before we left were gone missing from the squirrels. But no, when they said the squirrels got the corn, they meant, the squirrels completely annihilated the corn.

2014-08-25 10.03.59Honestly, if my neighbors hadn’t physically watched the squirrels terrorize the corn with their own eyes, I would have been convinced it was due to deer.  The destruction was just so complete.

So, this blog is becoming more of a record of my utter gardening failures.  But, I’m still having fun (kind of) so I’m sticking with it. I did have no hand in growing some wild beans on the fence that resulted in bean pods. So there’s that!

I did recently pull out all the blighted plants/remains of plants (ahem) and put in some fall crops.  Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, romaine, and I even planted some more squash seeds, though I imagine those won’t ripen before the frost because those last ones were planted so late. I will be around more in the fall and its not so unbearably hot, so maybe I’ll be more involved in the maintenance of a garden. Maybe fall gardening is where I was meant to thrive, right?! One can hope :) Pictures of those to come.

Also, I realized that two weeks ago marks a year that we’ve lived here on the East Coast. Its flown by and a lot has happened! Who knew a year ago we’d have convinced someone in our family to move out here, let alone to our neighborhood! I couldn’t be happier than the place we chose to live and I feel so guided by the holy spirit that we ended up here at all. Having a community has made some of the trials of the last year a lot more bearable and its been profoundly meaningful to be able to support others as well. Anyway, more on that later.