Thankful – 6/11/2014

Our AC Unit – On the lighter side of the list, because its only June and I don’t know what people did before air conditioning!

Forgiving myself Sometimes we think we have things all figured out.  And then life continues to happen.  And we get to revisit previous thoughts and forgive ourselves for our limited perspective and certainty back then. I will forever be working on this, but I’m thankful for the realization it needs to happen.

A place to be vulnerable – As easy as this move has been, its hit me more recently that I’ve yet to find when and where I can really be vulnerable. I find that I feel so much shame for my tears lately. Especially as a mom, I shouldn’t be crying. Like, ever. I don’t know whether its a “proper East Coast thing” or the fact that I feel so uncomfortable after I “try to go deeper” in a friendship and feel hung out to dry when I’ve shared too much.  Or the fact that I don’t want to admit that I’m struggling with something. Its always been easy for me to acknowledge I am a vulnerable person, but lately I’ve felt a lot more shame in sharing that. I thought it was due to wanting to “ponder things in my heart” more, like Mary, but I wonder if its not just pride in wanting to look like I have it all together. The internet has slowly become a place I don’t even want to share thoughts like these, what with its glossy pictures of beautiful lives and promises of perfection, so I’ve missed sharing on here as well. Anyway, all that to say, I found a place this morning, and it was so appreciated. I am thankful to hearing ears and open hearts.


A quick search on vulnerability after this morning’s discussion led me to these talks, which were nice to serve as reminders for me to have courage to share. You’ve probably seen them since they already went viral a while back, but I’m thankful for finding them anyway today.

Ted talk on vulnerability.

Ted talk on listening to shame