Have you started your seeds yet?

Good news, there’s been a lot of changes over here, mainly to my attitude, ahem, and things are going much more joyfully.  And I’m trying to keep it up. I know I could give more details, but that’s all I’ve got right now, because….

In even BETTER news….have you guys seen this? http://www.smartgardener.com

Holy smokes, a friend casually mentioned this site to me when we were talking about starting our seeds indoors and she completely underrated it.  I thought maybe it was just going to be another one of those sites that is probably more effort than its worth. You know, put in this information and this information and we’ll tell you what they add up to!  But it turns out this pretty much organizes my entire gardening life, not to mention gives tips and pointers along the way.  And organization is something I’m chronically horrible at so, I appreciate all the help I can get!


Last year’s garden. I was pretty much winging it.

I guess another thing that made it easier is this friend and I split seeds she bought from here, so that could complicate it if you don’t have the exact plants the site recommends for purchase, but selecting something similar could possibly work. I just selected similar plants based on the seeds I got elsewhere.

Anyway, the whole site will give you a possible garden schematic if you give it your location, what plants you want, what direction is north, sunlight information, and bed dimensions.  Then it emails you a weekly to-do list in terms of soil preparation, seeding and transplanting, etc.


This year’s garden? Ok, yeah, probably not. But one can dream.

So, pretty useful if you’re like me and find yourself just randomly seeding indoors because you can’t wait for the snow to be gone!

So have you started your seeds yet? If not, don’t worry.  And get on this site!

Here’s hoping this prevents stuff like this happening to my crack at gardening this year!



More real writing soon.  I don’t mean to be turning into a continuous infomercial over here!

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