To what do I owe this two post blogging streak?

I know, I know, I’m on here like ALL THE TIME now people.  I just wanted to give a little peek behind the scenes a la casa Moonheads and reveal why I’ve had such abundant time to chatter away on the blog….



I give you, our new dishwasher.  Floor model, baby.  And worth every penny.

And to think, I was the biggest holdout. Whoops, that was a mistake!

I thought it would take up too much space.  We have to hand wash so many things that couldn’t fit in a dishwasher anyway I didn’t think it would save us any time. We only have a few dishes that we use regularly anyway, and I cook from scratch for almost every meal, so I thought the dishwasher would never be full enough to have clean dishes ready when I need them.  I can wash dishes pretty fast anyway so, what was the biggie. And then we needed to get a portable dishwasher so I just thought it would be too awkward to roll it across the kitchen and hook it up every time.

It turns out, in case you needed convincing, that dishwashers really do save you a lot of time!

My husband has been begging to get one since we moved here. Although I resisted for a while, I had eventually acquiesced and told him to just go ahead already a few months ago. Alas, I tend to be the mover and shaker around here, so that date never really happened. Until about two weeks ago. We looked on craigslist, as misfit would do, but once we realized people were selling several years and owners old dishwasher for a few hundred (seriously? no thanks), we decided to just get a new one and resell it ourselves when we move. Enter discount floor model at the Sears Outlet and blam-o.  Done deal. Besides almost squashing my husband on the stairs when we moved it in. Whoops.  Sorry about that hun. My fingers were reeeeallly cold.

We still have those issues that I was afraid of though and I’ve had to hand wash a few pots and bowls like I expected, but hey, I’m used to that. What I’ve been most excited about is just having more counter space!  I want to share soon how we’ve organized this tiny living space, but having an extra place to store dishes let alone have a surface to prepare food with (no more Kitchen Aid on the floor people!) was almost worth it alone.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering why I’m writing.

Its because I’m not washing dishes.

5 thoughts on “To what do I owe this two post blogging streak?

  1. the dishwasher looks great! I’m impressed you found a way to fit it in your kitchen =) I’ve been noticing lately how much time it takes to wash dishes…but I think we’re too much of cheapskates to buy one right now, although it’s super tempting…

  2. YES! Dishwashers are seriously amazing. I went two years without one, so I know what the transition from dishwasher-less to dishwasher-full feels like. It’s amazing. Congrats! And happy to have you back in the blogworld because of it!

  3. Ha! So anytime I ever complained about not having a dishwasher (we have one now) The Man would just hold up both of his hands and go “yes, yes you do.” (And he had a point as he is in charge of dishes. I hate doing them, he doesn’t mind. Once I realized I hated doing them more than I hated them piling up and finally just let him do them on his own schedule, oh the quality of life improved ’round here by about 1000%.

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