Feedly follies

I’m giving up on Feedly.  Its already hard to comment when I check blogs on my phone, but with the new Feedly app, I can’t even comment.  It literally will not let me open the comment box.  And then I hate how when you click on a link like I used to be able to in Reader, it holds everything in the Feedly app and I can still never comment.  Its like its holding everyone’s blog addresses hostage. 

Does anyone else have this problem?  Of course, if you do, you’ll be unable to comment and tell me so, so I’ll just take the resounding lack of comments as a tidal wave of agreement. So I will be deleting it and transferring everything over to wordpress, which I probably should have done initially.

In general, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to use my mobile phone for casual email and internet a lot less.  Yes, this article (and its faults) helped affirm that.  As well as this one from a while back.  A toddler who literally jumps on the computer means I can’t get on the internet if he’s awake, but hey, I’m looking for quality not quantity.  And I’ve had enough of this “Oh I can’t comment because I’m on my phone” excuse.  I’m bugging myself with that one. 

I’ve thought about the problem of having the internet being so handy is the root of this evil, but really, its not that.  Its my own lack of patience and need for instant gratification.  Yes, cut off your hand if it causes you to sin, but I feel very strongly that the advantages of having a handy internet are so great that I should really at least attempt at practicing some self control before I just go to those measures.  The mobile map option really has saved my life in Los Angeles many a time.  And now with an impending move, I know I will appreciate having access to maps in an unfamiliar area, let alone for the cross-country drive. 

My phone has been on the fritz lately so, we will see what happens if it totally dies soon.   Maybe my figurative hand will just cut itself off.

3 thoughts on “Feedly follies

  1. I’ve been using “The Old Reader” and while it doesn’t have a mobile app, it’s mobile site is very user friendly. It allows you to click right through to the main blog page (without still being “in” its page). I usually read on my phone when I have time and then mark posts I want to comment on later as “unread” so that I can go back to them when I’m on the actual computer at home.

    Mobile maps are my best friend and most favorite app – I prefer google maps by far and my Android phone allows me to use them :).

  2. That’s strange that you’re having so many problems with feedly! Do you have the latest version of the app? I actually find it easier to comment through the feedly app. Did you know you can open the feed in your browser by going to the upper right hand menu and selecting your browser icon? Mine is the chrome one because I’m on an Android phone.
    I’m having a lot of the same issues as you with having a smart phone at my fingertips. And after briefly flirting with the idea of getting a “dumb” phone again, I came to the same conclusion you did – I just need to exercise greater self control. I only do fb or blog reading on my phone while nursing (except at Isaac’s bedtime, because we do songs and prayers then instead) and I put it down the rest of the day unless I need to look something up while we’re out. I was starting to get that “itchy hand” feeling when I sat still for even a second and realized I was missing out on time to read, or spend quality time with my husband, or even take a bath in the evening because I was glued to my phone. Yuck.
    Luckily, the less I’m on it, the less I think about it (just like any other addiction, haha).

  3. I don’t do these reader things. (Like how I call them that? I have a birthday soon. I’ll be 80.) But I agree that I have to find the right balance with the internet. I love that it can increase our connection with a lot of people… But where to draw the line before it interferes with the connection with the people in our lives here and now. Tough to say sometimes.

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