More Knits!

Your comments on my last post made me feel like such a super star, guys :)  I know you shouldn’t blog for comments, but boy do they make my day!  Unfortunately, I have to report that my husband has since cut his hair.  Yes, he was trying out for Jesus in the Passion play, but my wonderful and glorious Valentine’s Day present was this:


A (braided lock) of my love’s hair to always remember it by, because it is now, gone!  Yes, ultimately, I was a fan of the short hair.  But it was a dream of his and I supported it for a year, so that makes me a good wife, right?

Anyways, here are some other things I’ve knit in the past year!


Hat for my sister in law


Hat for a friend


Apple potholder for a housewarming gift for a friend – actually crochet

I actually wrote about knitting baby things here a while ago.  How amazing it was to be able to knit things for my own baby!


This is actually crochet.  And was very time intensive since each little square is done individually and then pieced together.  Which I hate doing.  This took me 2 months of evenings after work and much of my maternity leave the week before I had him. But I finished right before I had him.


Matching cousin pumpkin hats


“Tex-Ass” wool soaker ;)


Cute family picture…Baby Sophisticate Shakespeare sweater barely visible.


Close-up of Baby Sweater…you can see the buttons.

And there’s even more out there! I made a cowl and some coffee sleeves…as well as two more dish-cloths.  I don’t think I took pictures of those though.

So that’s what I’ve been up to!

7 thoughts on “More Knits!

  1. Your knitting is gorgeous. I never got past ugly potholders – and only crochet; I could never get the hang of knitting at all.

    In response to your comment – of course I know who you are. I have always published your comments. I’ve read your blog (though I’m a bit behind) and I would’ve sworn I’d commented. In fact I thought I had you on my blogroll, but I would have to check – I only edit those widgets a few times a year, and often I think I’ve made updates that I haven’t yet.

    More fundamentally, you can’t care more about what I think than what you think. Your voice is important because of your experience and the authenticity with which you present it. Of course, if you repackage your life into a graco commercial, or a T/A/M/N post, you lose that authenticity, but then I think someone as thoughtful as you would be unlikely to do that. In fact, ironically – but also predictably, if I had pondered it more – I aim for the insensitive and hit only the sensitive. Obviously, this results from the fact that I’m not too sensitive. I recognize the taboos (I’m not allowed to complain about pregnancy announcements, for example), and I push back against them hard (and I catch hell for it every time, which I interpret as a mandate to continue). I am obviously provoking a reaction in the wrong people, and God knows I’m not trying to wound the kindest among us. But I feel strongly that people need to keep hearing (you know, if they were listening listening) that what used to be a haven from babies is now the babysphere. I don’t have a brilliant suggestion for how infertile mothers should negotiate that path, other than gingerly. Obviously that is logically unfair, but i think there are people out there with no allies and I cannot let that go.

    Speaking of a lack of allies – I would not have imagined that a young couple could have ONLY childless infertile friends (perhaps you and I should set up an exchange). For what it’s worth, time is on your side – the overwhelming majority of those women will be at play dates with you eventually.

    Anyway – this is already over-long and doesn’t do all your points justice; it’s not quite right to put it here, but I wanted to make sure you saw it.

    Oh, and you should post more pictures of your garden.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I read your comment on Misfit’s blog about blogging post-IF. You hit the nail on the head. It’s a hard – impossible – balance to strike. As I replied to you there, you shouldn’t have to pretend your child doesn’t exist because that child is a part of your life now as IF was before. A blog is writing about your life, after all.

  3. I was listening to a song today (#6 on the putumayo lullaby cd)and for some strange reason I thought of you.
    I love the knitting!!! the apple potholder is very cool. and of course the sweater is gorgeous.
    How is your garden doing?

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