THE Sweater

Because I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath for..oh man, over a year?!

It was finished by Christmas, although pictures didn’t get uploaded until…today.  Oops.



And here’s the best picture I have of the sweater in action.  I personally think it looks a lot better on the ground, close up, with an artistic eye and nice lighting.  That way you can’t actually see how well it doesn’t fit.  Which is not well at all.  Its a little bulky and a little short.  But hey, I have a loving husband who promised to wear it no matter what so, that’s on him.


And yes, that was Texas, the day after Christmas.

7 thoughts on “THE Sweater

  1. I can’t even sew a button on (seriously, The Man takes his shorts to his mom to have them replaced. Sad, I know. I gave up worrying about it, oh 5 years ago – ha!).

    So, I am quite impressed!!!

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