Progress in organization

So a little update on the organization.  Also known as the most boring update ever :)

I hung the curtains that have been sitting on the back table (except when guests have come over and they get moved to The Box in The Office/Guestroom) for the last what, 2 months?  I hung the curtain rod by myself after waiting for my home decor stud to do it (he never showed ;))  and then proceeded to switch around all the curtains from the living room, dining room, and the kitchen.  I think I finally settled on a combination I like, with the ugliest curtains in the dining room, the least used room, and the lightest ones in the family room, even though they are a bit small for the space.  But I’m not about to buy new curtains just yet.  We have something that works.  So we’re going with what we have.  This is only a rental after all.  I may change my mind on that if I see a good price though.

I also bought totes for the media console to organize all the movies/video games we have and frankly, never watch/play.  It cleans up the space and everything now has a “home” that hopefully looks a little less junky.  At least I think so.

I also finally downloaded all my photos from the camera to the computer.  So there’s that.  Although I haven’t done and organizing/sharing since doing that.  That’s another goal.  I like the idea of making a “family yearbook” so that I actually organize and print off all these pictures I take so that I have a hard copy.  But I’m a little behind.  The last one I made was when we were in Mexico/Texas so I need to make one from last year.  I guess that’s only 1.5 years behind.  Still, need to get on that.

Another thing I’ve been working on is cleaning up my inbox by deleting emails.  I tried to make folders only to realize that folders do not exist in gmail!  Drat.  You can’t even put all your emails in alphabetical order! But I paired down my 10,500 inbox with 6,400 new emails (I know, terrifying) to 6,700 emails with only 3,800 new.  So now you understand when I mean when I say I’ve been awful at keeping track of emails.  I really do mean it.  I should be on an episode of email hoarders.  A lot of those “new” ones are because I merged email accounts and they automatically show up “new” but many are also because I’m on too many dang list-serves that promise to show me sales.  I know by now which stores and sites I should absolutely not buy something from unless I have a coupon but really, my sanity is more important at this point and I know I’m less of a flake if I have less emails bombarding my email, so unsubscribe it is!  I don’t need them tempting me anyway.  It has been better to pair this down over time than in one sitting, since I know I’ll never have a huge chunk of time that I’ll say “Gee, lets just burn these next 7 hours going through old email!”  My goal is to have no new emails (except for those in the past few days) by the end of lent.  I can actually see that happening now.

The next few things on my list are to organize all my knitting patterns.  I have them all in a box but really, its impossible to find the one I’m looking for quickly.  I have a few drawers I also need to organize, as well as drop off a bunch of bags to goodwill that have collected in our laundry room over the last few months.  But all in all I am making progress!

6 thoughts on “Progress in organization

  1. Good for you, Alison! I tackled my inbox last year. It took me several days (just plucking away here and there), but it felt SO GOOD when I’d finally gone through it all. I’ve managed to keep it up since then! It’s so much easier once it’s been organized.

  2. I’ve been meaning to create a “yearbook” of photos each year since I got married. Still hasn’t happened.

    I created a similar goals for email this Lent, but, um, uh, I’m a little behind. Part of my goal is to actually not “owe” any replies though, and so I have this group that are far overdue because I feel like they deserve a good reply and I am never up to the task.

    I am very impressed with your curtains. This is the first apartment that we’ve had that we actually hung curtains in all (3) of the rooms and I most certainly was not ambitious enough to actually do that myself.

    In addition to all of the above, you should also get points for organizing your thoughts in the form of a post! (And no, I’m not being snarky, I actually feel like it is good–I can never seem to post about things that I want to.)

  3. My inbox not so bad, my photos to put in books.. well that’s been piling up for about 7 years. I have the books to put them in too.

  4. I love organizing! :) Hooray for progress!
    I label all my emails in gmail – that seems to work pretty well! I’ve made a few photo albums through shutterfly but am also behind. 2012 will be tough to narrow down the favorites, haha! :-D

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