This is a test

To myself.

To see if I can actually hit publish or if my body will physically not allow it without thinking about a post for at least a few days.

It looks like I’m still writing so, so far, so good!

The last time I posted was about our support group?  Wowza.  That was over a month ago and our next meeting is next week already!  We are pretty happy with where its going so thank you for all the prayers!

I have been keeping busy.  Long gone are the days when I would use Lent as a time to take a break from the internet.  Give me a broken computer and a touch screen and its a big feat to get me to just return an email! 

My Lenten goals this year are organization.  I naturally cower at the sight of a pile of papers and our “give away” pile is overflowing.  My email inbox (see above!) has way too many thousands of emails and in general, I feel that I use any spare time I have to just. breathe. 

So for Lent this year I’m making myself do anything that I initially have that “Oh, I don’t really need to put that away NOW, do I?” and work on my discipline via organization.  My husband laughs at the thought of the day I have to tell Sam to pick up his room so, I guess I really need to work on this.

Oh, and just because I like to add a ‘fasting’ thing in there too, because I eat all day and what better way to remind myself about the desert!, I’ve given up sugar and cream in my coffee.  Yeah, thought it was better for everyone involved if I kept the coffee, but at least this way I won’t enjoy it.  The same goes for any other drink I may try to weasel into sweetening :) 

As far as adding in, I’m praying before meals (I’m good in my own home, but when other people are around I always seem to punk out since I don’t want to create any division…anyone else have that problem?) and trying to do the Stations on Friday. 

So!  Not to be all “check out my candle, baby” (from last weeks Gospel) but, are you doing anything special/new this Lent?

Ok, here goes the experiment….hitting publish!

3 thoughts on “This is a test

  1. Love your plans for organization, I may need to follow suit on that one!
    I just came from the drive-thru version of Stations, which I’m not even sure really counted… guess I should do a rosary just in case for good measure ;)

  2. About organization, I really enjoy the tips on the like mother like daughters blog. The best tip, from there and a couple other places (like the fairy something of cleaning) is to completely empty the spot you want to clean, clean it, replace what belongs here and deal with the rest best you can. When time (or nap) runs out just put it in a bag. I have a few bags of junk I need to deal with, in a corner of the attic. Then on a specific day I just do 2 piles, to keep and trash. the keep pile is really small.
    About meal time prayer I do it with my kids, the older one is 2,5 yo and he is asking for it if I forget! I’m SO surprised that he picks up on everything so fast. Life time habits start early. :)
    We pick up the toys every evening before bath time.
    for lent I gave up FB and online forum. I’ll use the time to get back to blogging and I hope to completely put away the laptop when the kids are awake.
    You should post more often :)

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