New Leaf

There’s always a reason to not blogging, not documenting, not writing, isn’t there?

Maybe just excuses.

But I’m excited to be turning over a new leaf.  One of stay at home mom-dom!

I’ve kept quiet about most things going on over here because, well, I find these decisions immensely personal and I definitely needed to make them in my own time and way.  And when I did, I sat on them for a while to make sure they were what I really wanted and were truly best for my family.  And then I acted.  And then I had to go out of town for two weeks!

So anyways, now that I’m back, I’m selfishly hoping (for my sake) that my new ‘position’ means I’ll finally have a little bit more time to myself to write down my thoughts but I guess we shall see.  In many ways today feels like “Day 1” of turning over a new leaf.

Let’s begin!

9 thoughts on “New Leaf

  1. So happy for you! I know this wasn’t an easy decision to make, but what is right for you IS right for your family. Sometimes we put our future lives in little “boxes” and when reality doesn’t match our “box” it’s hard to accept. Unfortunately, we have to try to put reality in our “box” to realize it, don’t we? Sending prayer for a peaceful heart to you!

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