Take 7…Summer Edition: Earthquakes, filming, and more MSL!


I felt my first earthquake the other night!  That was officially my first earthquake (that I felt) and I can kind of see how I may have missed one before that as well.  It was late at night, everyone was sleeping and I had just watched Aly win the gold on the floor routine when our house started shaking like a giant truck drove by.  Only there was no truck.  It took me a minute to freak out once I realized what had happened, but once I did I got a little scared…we are so not ready for an earthquake!  I seriously need to get our emergency supplies together!!


The earthquake was fairly small (4.4) and located at least 40 miles away, so it didn’t last long, just a few seconds.  It really reminded me of where we lived in Mexico City.  Apparently our apartment was built on top of water and was really old (although it had survived the earthquake in the 80’s!) and shook every time a truck past.  It took me a second the other night to realize wait, this house isn’t supposed to shake like that!

I’m glad that’s over with, because it really wasn’t that bad.  Maybe now I won’t be so terrified.

Although maybe that means the big one is coming….


Speaking of being up late watching the Olympics, between  the time change with the Olympics being in London, social media, and THEN being on PST, watching the events this year has been really anti-climatic.  I’m trying to embrace it as just something entirely different but I have such great memories watching the Olympics in the past as it unfolds that I really hope the next games in Brazil are more real-time.


Maybe they will be real-time because we’ll be watching them live from Brazil??  You never know!  We’ve been waiting for a family wedding in Brazil that was supposed to have “been happening” for the last 4 years, so maybe it will actually happen within the next four years?  If not, maybe we’ll be there for the World Cup or World Youth Day.  One can hope!


For a little more LA feel, the park I walk up to almost daily was filming a movie a few weeks ago.  I went home and looked it up and apparently Ed Helms was in it.  Doh.  I should have looked closer and not tried to appear so nonchalant!


And then on Wednesday, a guy knocked on our door to say that they would be filming a sitcom on our street and that we’d need to move our cars since it was a period piece.  He said they’d pay us and inconvenience fee ($100!) to move our cars (since we have no garage),  so I said “yeehaw!” and then he asked for my info and SSN#.  I immediately thought that was fishy, especially since we get so many shady people like that in our neighborhood, so I said no thanks, even though he gave me his business card and everything.

When I walked yesterday I saw the “tow away” zone cones set up and this morning I see them setting up.  Guess it wasn’t a gimmick after all!

Funny thing is they are filming “Its always sunny in Philadelphia.”  Isn’t that funny its filmed in LA?  Apparently they choose our street because it looks like the East coast!  Does anyone watch that show?  I think its on cable, but I’m going to try to watch this next season now!


And finally, for your gratuitous piece of fashionably late pop culture, I give you, Curiosity, the Mars Science Lab, set to “Call Me Maybe”. 

Yeah, scientists are cool too, and only like, 10 weeks behind fads and with no musical composition whatsoever. Ha!


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6 thoughts on “Take 7…Summer Edition: Earthquakes, filming, and more MSL!

  1. When I visited LA when I was a teenager I was awoken by an earthquake AND we’ve had a couple in Ontario (we had one while I was in university and it totally freaking out everyone in my house!). Definitely something I could live without!

  2. I love that you were being all nonchalant about the filming in the park… I totally would have tried to be the same way because I wouldn’t have wanted to look like a crazy Midwesterner on my first time away from the sticks. I still think you did the smart thing by not giving your SSN. It seems to me that your name and address would have been enough. I wonder if they’re doing some sort of a flashback episode since it’s set in current times.

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