Take 7 – Its been a long time…



So I think my blog issues may finally be fixed.  Thanks to whoever left that lovely comment yesterday to make me get on that.  I even sacrificed today’s nap to try to figure it out, not that I ever did figure out the bug in my old posts but at least I found a new template (that was free) that it doesn’t seem to be an issue with.


This is what I was also dealing with yesterday.  On my street.  Attending to a house three doors down.



I had just left the house to literally pick up milk and flour with a fussy baby and was coming back when I ran into my street blocked off with police and the bomb squad pulling up.


Yeah, pretty nutty.  Or rather, the guy who lives in that house was nutty.  And on lots of drugs.  I talked to his brother who was standing outside and apparently the brother had all types of homeless people squatting there before he was arrested.  We had noticed increasing weird activity and tons of trash outside the house but I never thought to call the police, we just avoided him.  The arrest was a good thing since it allowed his brother to come in and clean the place up, only to find a pipe bomb.  He had found several a few years ago also. (???)  Apparently this was one of his brother’s many hobbies.  So it was actually the brother who called the bomb squad to come detonate the bomb.


I was a little disturbed but fortunately a friend had literally just texted me asking if she could come over to meet Samuel.  She’s been trying to ever since he was born but for whatever reason it hadn’t worked out.  Talk about divine intervention! I probably freaked her out a little with my “Can I come over instead? I’ll explain when I get there.”  So not only did I have a safe place to go for the afternoon but Samuel finally met a friend in California!  Yay!  He does exist!


They detonated the bomb while I actually tried to run into the house to change Sam and grab his diaper bag (I literally had just taken a quick trip to the store).  It sounded like a cannon.  I heard they covered it with sandbags and shot it.  Crazy.


All that to say, there is a house going to be up for sale in our neighborhood soon.  Anyone want to move in? :)

7 thoughts on “Take 7 – Its been a long time…

  1. I’m so sorry for lashing out at you like that. I’ve thought about it all day and felt such embarrassment and regret.

    Your Samuel is a doll and you’ve been nothing but sensitive to you sisters still waiting. (I’m read a reader for awhile.)

    I hope you can forgive me and maybe spare a prayer (or two) as (I’m sure is obvious…) I am hurting so much right now.

    • No worries, I remember reading blogs and thinking similar things so I can’t fault you for lashing out. Wish you left an email so I wouldn’t have to respond so publicly though! And we’ve got prayers to spare…

      • I shouldn’t ask for prayers as they are most likely wasted on me. I don’t believe in prayer anymore. I don’t believe in God’s goodness. If I did pray it would be to have a short life so as to have this pain end sooner than later. But, He is a cruel God and I’m sure I’ll live to be 101.

  2. Holy craziness!! I’m just glad that the appropriate people took care of it and that you no longer have that neighbor! And so nice that it worked out that you could have a place to go while you waited.

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