Thank you, Planned Parenthood

That’s a sincere title.  I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Today we taught a couple NFP that was referred to us by none other than Planned Parenthood. 

Well, not exactly.

This local couple called PP and wanted to get get off hormonal contraception.  They had heard about natural methods of spacing children and were hoping to learn one of these methods from Planned Parenthood.  Of course, PP doesn’t actually teach these methods but when the couple asked where they could learn they actually told them that they could probably contact the archdiocese and find a teacher. 

So they did! 

And they were given our number! 

How amazing is that! 

This totally secular couple called up the archdiocese to learn NFP and got our name.  I’m still so thrilled to have met them and that they found us!  Its moments like this that reinforces why I do this.  And why its important to keep the NFP classes cheap and affordable, so that they are accessible to all people.  

Anyway, one thing I did want to ask the internets is if its actually possible to advertise through PP?  This couple said that they weren’t given our exact name but only that they should call the archdiocese, which brought us to the point of discussing why PP wouldn’t help us advertise.  The obvious elephant in the room is the fact that we are affiliated with a religious institution and they wouldn’t want to advertise that, but its interesting that they admitted that effective NFP methods are taught by the Catholic church and suggested they call us.  It seems like we could make it a lot easier and cut out work for the client by just giving PP our class schedule or something…but I was curious if anyone has had any success with that? 

So yeah, even if you don’t actually teach the method of true family planning, as your name infers, Planned Parenthood, thank you for referring and telling the truth to this one couple.  There is hope in this world!

14 thoughts on “Thank you, Planned Parenthood

  1. That is pretty neat! Good to know PP didn’t just tell them that they didn’t know where to send them or try to change their minds about it! I’m interested to know what they thought about the class and their reasons behind wanting to explore NFP. So glad you are a teacher to help those interested!

  2. So awesome!!!!

    I don’t see why you couldn’t advertise there…maybe the Diocese couldn’t/wouldn’t want to, but you and M. certainly could…a ray of light in a dark, dark place.

  3. Hmmm, great questions. It seems like it would only be fair for PP to have brochures or referral info for couples who really DO want to know ALL their options… not just the typical contraceptive and abortive services.

  4. I think if they were willing to seek you out and refer clients to you, perhaps you should contact them to give them the information, or offer some business cards and brochures. At least then, they would have it to give to interested parties.

  5. I don’t know how it happened that they sent them your way, but it’s so great that they did! I’m thinking (and hoping) that there will be greater and greater numbers of people looking for other options. Someday they’ve got to catch on to how bad at least hormonal BC is!

  6. That’s fantastic!

    I like the previous commentor’s idea of giving them your own personal business cards. (What, you two don’t have those yet? You’re NFP teachers extraordinaire!) I could see the Church not wanting to have anything to do with them officially.

  7. I’m wondering if they actually implied to the couple that “effective NFP” methods were taught by the Church. Somehow I find that unlikely. But however they got there, praise God!
    I’ve often thought about waltzing in to Planned Parenthood, myself, and asking them to help me plan parenthood, since I’ve been trying with no luck for 6 years. I wonder what they would do?? (Probably put me on the pill.)

  8. I actually met a woman at a Theology of the Body talk who took an NFP class with her husband at a Planned Parenthood (probably back in the 80’s, based on what I guessed her age to be) because that was the only place offering the classes back then. How things have changed . . .

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