Some final pregnancy thoughts

Today is my first day alone with the baby.  He was born 11 days ago and its just now my first day with just us!  I’ve had both Mike and my mom here helping but today Mike had to go back to work and my mom is out and about having some fun herself.  Before I get to my labor story I wanted to tie up a few loose ends with how the rest of pregnancy went, considering last I left off was something like this where I was happily touting a fairly pleasant pregnancy experience.

You know I got mine, right?

I just wanted to follow up and write this since at this point I am all but forgetting that I was even pregnant, let alone for nine months.  Seriously, that time flew by.

About a week after I wrote that post I started getting some gnarly heartburn.  I’d always heard about heartburn but man, this was like stop in your tracks can’t breathe heartburn.  I also had some sort of pinched nerve in my back that I was planning on going to the doctor for before I was able to kink it out doing some sort of chiropractic moves I half looked up and half made up.  Sleeping definitely got a lot more difficult and I’d literally start getting up every two hours to use the bathroom, but I’m seeing that more as a blessing now that I’m happily working a little baby into that routine instead of the commode :)

Anyways, all that to say that yes, I got uncomfortable, but really, I was surprised by how pregnancy was not horrible.  From the comments I sort of realize that this is obviously not the case for everyone but I’d like to think that everyone “gets there’s”.  That’s a simplistic way to think about it but getting the baby in there was the difficult part for me.  I’m sort of happy that that didn’t carry over to all aspects of child growing.

AND all that to say, that I was probably horribly wrong in proclaiming how painless I anticipated child birth to be!  I clearly spent a little too much time banking on how childbirth can be painless.  Natural, yes, it is what our bodies are designed to do, but there is a reason you practice all those breathing exercises!  The first 20 hours were something like really bad period cramps but then the last 14 were something else entirely.  Granted, everyone’s labor is different, and this was my body coupled with exhaustion over such a long labor but I just wanted to put that out there, I stand corrected :)  I don’t think 9 months of absent periods is quite physically equal to the child birth experience but I guess it really shouldn’t be.  Its something else entirely.  And this little wonder comes out at the end, so it probably should be a lot more work.

Ok, full labor story coming shortly…

10 thoughts on “Some final pregnancy thoughts

  1. It all sounds familiar (the aches and pains of pregnancy-not the natural birth part). I don’t think I had seen you had the sweet bundle, so congratulations! Very happy for you and what sweetness!

  2. It’s my first day alone with Caleb too!!! It took me well until past 1 to eat lunch… but at least I got a shower! :)

  3. I think IF leaves you with a different view of pregnancy…the aches and pains that others complain about really don’t seem that bad, when you think of everything you had to endure to get there! I’m the same way. Yeah, I have days that are hard, but I’d definitely say surgery recovery was way harder. :) Plus, you got that sweet little bundle of blessing at the end. :) He’s so precious!

  4. Pregnancy is a means to an end. It’s a blessing but I don’t find it all that pleasant. I love the baby. I’d have a dozen babies, so therefore I’d have a dozen pregnancies, but I’m not one of those “oh I love being pregnant,” all glowy types. I think it’s because I know all the risks and how special it is.

  5. I felt the same way about the end of pregnancy. I definitely had a hard time with the getting pregnant through the first trimester than the end of pregnancy. I didn’t have an easy labor either, but it was definitely worth it and I plan to do it again.

  6. He is to die for! And, God bless you for enduring that long labor. You had lots of pain to offer up!

  7. 34 hours of labor? Oh my goodness! I love how he is just chillaxin with his hands by head. What a cutie.

  8. yes I agree. Natural labor was DEFINITELY painful, make no mistake, but it was also more manageable than I thought it would be too. I was weird. It was just all very intense and a lot of work. I’ve heard it compared to a marathon and how yes, it’s hard, but you have to have the mental endurance to get yourself through it. It’s possible to get through it, just tough. But then it’s so worth it at the end. The marathon example seemed to be the most accurate to me in how I both mentally and physically endured.

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