Just when I thought the world was over…

Tomorrow is my last day at work.

The job that I was just starting back in August when I wrote this.  Which was only a few days after I was here in that place so many of you know so well.  Although I’ve sat in my cubicle and stared at our yearly calendar and had the end of April highlighted in yellow stars since August and those first few weeks and months really drraaaggggeed by, here we are.  Nearing the end of April.  What all this waiting has been for!  And I’m beside myself!

And I just wanted to take a little moment to thank you again.  Who knew my baby would be so loved by those who some of you whom I’ve never even met?

And maybe the best reminder of all…

My world was never over, but it sure felt like it some days.  You never know what good changes might be right around the corner…

5 thoughts on “Just when I thought the world was over…

  1. Oh my, I am sitting here sad because my 1st day back to work is on Monday and you are getting ready to stop working…and that snapped me back to reality. I remember those days right before the birth and will be praying for you. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at home with my daughter and I pray you have a beautiful, blessed, joyful, and grace-filled babymoon for a LONG time!! God Bless!

  2. I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see pictures of your little one…what a blessing to be able to stay home :) I’ll be praying for you to have an easy and stress free delivery!

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