Progesterone wrap-up

Its an amazing day when you finally see that this…

…has turned into this…

and these…

Today we celebrated our ceremonial last shot!  Yahoo!  Not quite per doctor’s orders, but we’ll only be doing the suppositories 2x a day for the next two weeks.  That means we’re getting close!

Here is a little chart I put together for our own sake about our progesterone levels, but maybe it will help someone else out so I’ll post it here.  We had several draws that were “bad” (due to inaccurately taking the previous dose too close to the draw date) so those data points aren’t shown.  Also, I’ve read that The National Hormone Lab uses a specific method to measure the progesterone and hence why we had to go to the extra hassle to send it out there to be run instead of running it in our local lab.  For thoroughness, not all of my data points were run at the same lab, in case you’re trying to publish a paper on this or something :)  The last half of them were though.  And I cannot for the life of me find our conception chart that has our peak +7 (on HCG) and our first progesterone blood draw data on it.  I think both were in the low 20’s though.

(The zones are based on the data taken from about 850 normal pregnancies.  Blue line is the average of the data with the dotted lines flanking on either side one standard deviation).

From the book Dr. H wrote, there were also no findings of birth defects and/or increased weight gain of the baby (as my midwife was concerned about) with progesterone use.  Not only were there no detrimental side effects to the baby, but there were also some good side effects found for the mother.

Anyway, useful information for someone else that might be wondering if extended use of progesterone in pregnancy is beneficial.  It seems that literally no one else has done research on 2nd trimester progesterone use besides Hilgers (though many have found that first and third trimester use of progesterone can be very effective at preventing miscarriage and preterm labor, respectively).  So, though its hard to think about and hard to explain to your local doctor/ob-gyn, at least I finally rest easy knowing that there is no data saying that its harmful.  And that maybe I’d avoid some post-partum depression while we’re at it.

But anyway, here’s to the last progesterone shot of the pregnancy!  Thank God for the medicine that helped keep this little one safe and sound in there all this time.   It took some convincing (I’m a difficult patient) but it seems our progesterone levels never stayed high enough on our own, so at least we know my levels were higher on the juice which = better for the baby.  And that’s really what its all about.

9 thoughts on “Progesterone wrap-up

  1. I’m glad you posted this. I was curious why you were still on supplements and what your levels were. I was given oral progesterone at 6w “just in case” because my levels were low normal (14). I have not “needed” it again. But I always wonder if something is changing and how will we know?

    The biggest benefit on that chart – which you probably haven’t experienced because you’ve been on the drugs – is the headaches. With G and with this pregnancy I had / have terrible migraines. They are constant and not amount of fluid stops them. Last time they lasted till 17w so here’s hoping I’m in the home stretch.

    Post-partum has varying levels, as I’m sure you know, so if you feel sad and resentful remember it’s not you really, it’s just hormones. Mine took about three weeks to ebb and I really thought I was the only one that thought newborns were cause for tears and sadness. Turns out it wasn’t me, it was hormones. I warn everyone about the baby blues now, because even though I was told, I didn’t understand how hard they really are. And I had guilt for a long time because I’d tried so hard to get pregnant and I wasn’t thrilled about my situation. How dare I be crying when there were all those people out there trying desperately to achieve what I’ve just done? type thing.

    So glad you’re close, can’t wait to see pics of your little baby. You look like you’re ready on the onesie front! :) Just about four weeks, right? Are you going to a hospital or birthing center? I read the word midwife so I was just curious … SO EXCITING!!!

  2. very interesting! I’ve had to supplement (orally, suppositories, shots) with three of my five babies. only with #4 did I have to go almost all the way through the 2nd trimester.

    Thanks for sharing your info!

  3. I love this post! The change in pictures to baby clothes, your progesterone chart (you’re such a researcher!), the benefits of progesterone, etc. You’ll have to send me your template (if you had one) on the progesterone chart. You’ve inspired me to post my own chart soon (2 or 3 weeks until I’m off shots).

    I’m wondering why you decided to go off the shots at 35 weeks and not 37, but there’s probably some logical reason you and your DH are comfortable with. Here’s to no more shots, bruises, or welts on your backside!! Woo hoo! I’m so excited for you that your time is drawing near to meet your precious little one.

  4. HOORAY for being done with shots!!! Haha we have a countdown going…only 10 more for me! Every time I give each butt cheek a pep talk…”Only five more shots, left cheek!” Lol. Love the picture comparison…what a blessing.

  5. This makes me so happy! Happy for you, because this is awesome, and happy for the rest of us IFers who are still on the side of bottles of pills and needles and syringes and tears and all that. A poignant reminder that, if the Lord chooses, it doesn’t have to be like this forever.

  6. SO Glad that the shots are OVER!!! And it will be so worth it when your little one is in your arms. :-)

  7. I love your graph. Very nice. If I ever get pregnant, I am so making one for me. :) I did something similar when I had my month-long hormone profile done and made it look just like a figure from the NaPro textbook…when I showed it to my next doctor at that first visit, he was like, “Where did you get that graph???” Umm, I made it. You mean all your patients don’t find excuses to use Excel? ;)

  8. Hi! I love your graph. I’m working with a NaPro doctor to supplement w/ progesterone levels during pregnancy as well. I’d love to make a graph like yours to chart my progress. Where can I find the exact #s to plot my own graph? Or, alternatively, would you be willing to send me your Excel spreadsheet so I can input my own data?

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