Just thought you should know…

…that, despite the fact that I am only 7 months pregnant and have had a relatively ‘easy’ pregnancy (people tell me that when I say I didn’t throw up a lot – I could count on my hand the number of times I did),

the physical discomfort of pregnancy does not come anywhere close to the physical discomfort of sub/infertility and getting your period every month.  And I’m just talking about the physical side of things.  If we threw in emotional discomfort, well, that wouldn’t even be a contest now would it?  But we all knew that already.

But just in case you had some inkling way back in there (like I did) that maybe pregnant women complain so much because physically it really is that bad.  Its not.  At least, its possible for it to not be!

(edited to say, this pregnancy has not been symptom free. I’m just recognizing these symptoms aren’t that big of a deal and at least for me, aren’t painful enough to act as if they compare to the physical pain of not being pregnant.  And, I’d venture to say that that’s before any treatment, although maybe all the pain of treatment makes it that much more obvious. Even with the mind fog, constant tiredness that has you going to be before 9 every night, constant hunger-if-i-don’t-eat-every-hour-I’ll-be-nauseous feeling, side-hip nerve pinch that wakes you up at night and makes you walk with a limp, constant peeing and nasal drip, braxton-hicks contractions, and some other weird pains down there I won’t talk further about, in my experience pregnancy is physically easier than not being pregnant.  Pregnant women talk about these things because everyone is always asking you “HOW DO YOU FEEL?” So you tend to analyze every twinge :) )

It is beyond amazing not having cramps every month.  I told Mike the other day that I’m pretty sure not having cramps for 9 months would totally add up to labor in terms of physical pain.  Moms everywhere are probably laughing at me right now, but I think it could be close.  I guess I’ll know for sure in two months :) And then I may eat my words.

That being said…I have a few random points about this pregnancy I’d like to share:

  • Round ligament pain feels exactly like the pain I had ovulating every month.  So much so that early on (probably before 16 weeks pregnant) I actually had our doctor use the ultrasound to look to see if I was ovulating or had huge cysts or something because I had the exact same pain as I did or what I thought was ovulation pain while we were trying! (and before, for the record).  After confirming I was not freak ovulating while pregnant (ahem) she told me she was 99% sure it was round ligament pain.  She said the same high levels of hormones can make those tendons hurt during ovulation as well!  So interesting.  Which explains why the two times I was *sure* that it was lefty ovulating, we confirmed by ultrasound that righty was doing all the hard work.  And I was so confused.  Turns out that was never ovulation at all but tender ligaments.  (And silly me, why I thought I was a frequent multiple ovulator! Twins do run in my family, but I am not the fertile one!)  Mystery pain finally solved!  Turns out I’ve just always had round ligament pain.
  • At a certain point in pregnancy, it appears that your posterior becomes resistant to progesterone shots.  We are running out of spaces that aren’t bruised to shoot into, no matter how slow he injects (last night’s took 5 minutes!).  Just kidding!  Luckily the booty is jealous of my growing stomach and has been matching her pound for pound, so we have plenty more surface area :)
  • I am convinced that handling these shots will only help us during labor because they mimic having to relax during contractions.  Has anyone else found this to be true?
  • I did the blood draw after taking a suppository last week (also known as, a useless blood draw and a waste of money) but I didn’t know that at the time.  Well, my level was 95 and the nurses still weren’t going to change my dosage, even thinking that was a real number (which it wasn’t, as I was later informed).  That being said, being 32 weeks means only 4 more weeks of shots!  Hallelujah!
  • People stop making eye contact with me.  They just look at the belly.  Especially at work.  Its really weird sometimes because I’ll see myself and think, Wow.  I am a pregnant woman.  And though I have known this for a while, now I look like one to everyone else.  And that’s all some people see.  I know because I that’s what I thought at times.
  • Researching cloth diapering has become my favorite pastime.  Like, to the extent that its an obsession.  Mike couldn’t figure it out.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Why was I so enthralled by cloth diapering? (well, despite the obvious, them being cute, me being an engineer and loving to solve/optimize problems).  I think I finally came up with it.  Entering the cloth diapering world is my entrance into motherhood.  I haven’t bought many things for our baby.  But before we were married, I decided I wanted to cloth diaper our babies.  I was so excited about it, I thought, well, as long as I don’t have a baby, why don’t I cloth diaper myself?  So I did. And I have been ever since (If you’re confused by that statement, see this link).  But I have never cloth diapered a baby, as was my original goal.  And for a while anytime anyone would post or talk about cloth diapering I would have such a strong reaction…like that was my idea!  I was supposed to do that with our baby!  Beyond reasonable but that’s how it manifested itself.  And now here I am…or I will about to be as soon as our baby decides to come out.  And its a big moment for me!  A realization that for just this one way that I wanted to mother, I will finally be able to!  And that means I’m really becoming a mother.  Hence the cloth diapering overboard.  Its all profusely gushing out in the only way it can right now.  That being said, I’m seriously done until this baby gets here because cloth diapering itself can really not be that cool, can it?
  • (I said that last week).

I think I had more.  But I forgot it all.  That statement comes out of my mouth way too often now.

  • Ok, I remembered one more!  When I realized I was peeing pretty much constantly at work, I started a game to see if I could use all the stalls in our bathroom over the course of a day (there are 8).   Then I could make a game out of peeing (clearly I’m in need of a little entertainment at work!).  I’d start with the first stall and see if I could make it to the end by the end of the day.  Oh how it would throw me off when someone would be in stall #3 when stall #3 was next on my list!  So sometimes I had to make modifications.  I thought it would take me a while, maybe by the 8th or 9th month, but I’m happy to report that I’ve done it several times at this point!  Probably like 3 or 4.  Good times.  Now I need another game to keep me entertained…

13 thoughts on “Just thought you should know…

  1. Lol. Well, the first trimester was pretty awful for me (ligament pain/cramps, ER visit, bleeding like a period, phases of constant nausea/vomiting although interestingly enough, horrid fatigue, the majority of times I actually threw up I didn’t feel very nausea.. seemed to be one or the other). And I have wretched PMS normally, and yet the first tri wasn’t a relief. But the 2nd trimester… (of which I just entered)… girl, I could not agree more regarding how “easy” it feels. I think maybe I would complain more or feel weird about popping early (Oh no, I am gaining weight! Whatev :)), had I not spent a year with horrible cycles and terrified of infertility, watching it all unfold just as I feared, etc.

    And hey, I too want to cloth diaper! Yeah! :) My twin did this, and it really worked out well for them.

    Praying your labor is just as easy as your pregnancy (and that’s a very positive perspective on the shots… I am pretty sure my body will resist labor all the way!).

  2. Hooray for updates!!

    I remember when people started looking at my belly before they looked at my face. Weird feeling. But when you’ve waited so long for that belly, it doesn’t really bother you! (At least it didn’t me).

    I also didn’t find the discomforts of pregnancy to be a big deal, and the lack of cramps was a wonderful trade-off. The worst parts of pregnancy were not being able to sleep on my back or stomach and having to pee a lot. No big deal.

    I found researching cloth diapers overwhelming. I was excited to cloth diaper, but was just overwhelmed by the number of choices. All-in-one, fitted, pocket, or prefold? Cotton, hemp, or bamboo? One-size or multiple sizes? Local store or online store? How do you choose?? Have you decided already? I’ve found that it’s hard to decide without trying some out. For example, I wouldn’t have guessed that I would end up preferring snaps over velcro, or that fitteds work best with EC. Please keep us updated on what you choose!

    Hope all is going well.

  3. My round ligament pain was the WORST. I had it from 7 months on as G started bearing down. In fact, that’s one of the things I remember the most from childbirth, when he made his final exit, the horrible pressure and pain just … vanished! As did the pain in my back I hadn’t realized I’d been carrying. It was this great relief. It was amazing.

    I had an epidural, that wore off, and I can tell you that unmedicated cramps – especially those during an early (5w) miscarriage – are horrible and way worse than what I dealt with in labor. Labor was hard (note I had an epidural again), but it was working towards this great goal. I dunno. I’m like you. I remember my last pregnancy fondly, and the only thing that really bothered me was the round ligament pain. I couldn’t sit, I would take hour long walks at work (twice a day) because that was the only way the pressure was bearable. But I didn’t complain about that pain at all (except to my mother – who has no help because she said she didn’t have it – I didn’t even tell my doctor.) It was too embarrassing.

    I’m so excited for you. Your due date is very near where Grady’s was (April 25th). You’ll really enjoy these types of post after your LO arrives. For me it just seemed like pregnancy was so long but than it was over, and I couldn’t really remember it. Writing things down helped. Also, you’ll want to know what symptoms you had with any future children too. I kept a very short just a few entries diary of my early weeks with G and I’m very glad I did. I’m realizing that while some women glow and are just so relaxed during pregnancy, I spend most of my time worrying about everything I put in my body and how its affecting the baby and if the baby is okay and I count the days till delivery. I love having babies. Pregnancy and me? It’s a means to an end.

  4. I agree!! Yeah I have the aches and pains, but they really don’t bother me! Sometimes I find them more comical than anything…I am like the old lady who says “oof!” every time I sit down, walk up the steps, get into or out of bed…etc etc etc. I know that as pregnancies go I have had an easy one, but honestly I could do this all day long! Sometimes it still shocks me, whoa, I am a pregnant lady!! DH said to me last night, “I never thought I’d see the day when your belly dwarfed your boobs!” I promise he said it with love. :)

  5. See? Look how optimistic and positive you are about pregnancy because of what you had to go through? That trial for good for something at least! ;)
    I have to say that I know a lot of women have much harder pregnancies than me, but weeks 6-25 have been HORRIBLE for me with all 3 pregnancies. I am so sick that I just want to curl up in a ball and cry all day because I’m in so much pain. I can’t even keep one saltine cracker or sip of water down. Luckily I found medication this time that helped ease it so that I could eat and function, but it left me with terrible migraines and heaven forbid I run out before I can get a refill!
    Now I’m in the 3rd trimester and all that is over. Just the normal aches and pains of pregnancy. This I can handle.
    And of course after the first time I knew this would happen to me, but it’s worth it! For that reason I try not to complain, but dont’ tell me it’s easy!

  6. I’m so glad to hear that things are going well! I obviously don’t have any personal experience, but watching my friends go through pregnancy, some just sail through and others really struggle. I’m glad it’s going well. Your game at work completely cracks me up! :)

  7. I think that some women may actually have difficult pregnancies, but I do think that sometimes women exaggerate for sympathy. My pregnancy was also very easy; most of the time I’d totally forget that I was pregnant and then I’d brush my arm over my stomach and be like, oh yeah…

    I will say though, that the last couple weeks of pregnancy were pretty uncomfortable. Tolerable, definitely, but constantly uncomfortable. But I handled it well and took it in stride, knowing it was just part of the package.

    Labor also, surprisingly, was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. That sounds strange to say (!) as it definitely was painful, but I was mentally able to handle it better than I thought I would. I had a natural, drug-free labor – most of it was moderately tolerable and the worst part only lasted about two hours, but I was so focused on contractions during that part that I didn’t even notice the time pass – and then before I knew it there was a baby being laid on my chest and it was over. It was pretty awesome and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. :)

    I cloth diaper too! I love it! I only use prefolds though, because they are the cheapest and simplest, plus I can sew and make my own cute diaper covers, which makes things even cheaper. Cloth diapers are fun!

  8. Another game to play….count how many times people ask you how you are feeling. Keep track for a week and see which person asks you the most!! I had one lady at work ask me every time I saw her and I would see her a lot :) it always seemed like people WANTED to hear the negative things, but I always stayed positive :) I cloth diaper too! I use two brands, Grovia and Bum Genius

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