This past week …

This past week has been a whirlwind of surprises and heartbreaks of my close friends and family that I can only sum it up by requesting your prayers for these events.  All of them have me thinking of the special vulnerability of the woman (not that men aren’t, but through our biology we women feel it in a special way that men don’t and can’t) when we open ourselves up to life and the blessings that that can bring.  With the hope for greatness comes the potential to be let down and to suffer, so prayer is particularly important and comforting when we aren’t in control…

– First, for my sister, who broker her collarbone last week and has a two month old and a two and a half year old.  This is one of those situations where I thank God for pumps and formula as she cannot even hold her baby, let alone nurse her.  And I’m thankful my mom is available to fly out to help her.  Please pray for her recovery and for her family.

This little cutie we got to meet a few weeks breaks my heart knowing she can't hold her :(

– Dear, sweet Rebecca is having surgery tomorrow.  Please pray this is the only one she’ll ever need and that it will provide answers to the questions surrounding her fertility!

All of us hanging out a few weeks ago for brunch :)

– A friend dealing with re-occurring miscarriage and what is looking like secondary sub/infertility…that she may find answers and a good doctor to help her understand these difficult questions.

– Another friend who embraced what was a surprise pregnancy only to have it end in miscarriage this past week almost as she entered the 2nd trimester.  This is a cross very unfamiliar to me, but I imagine to reluctantly say “your will be done” when accepting a new pregnancy and then have it be torn away after seeing a heartbeat, etc., there are a lot of conflicting emotions in addition to the grief.  Please pray that she’s able to save herself from the guilt and trust in His plan.

On to a little bit brighter news…

– A close friend sharing the happy news of their pregnancy!  Her and I were unknowingly “surgery buddies” and she and her husband are sweet souls who have befriended us out here in CA after we met at a pro-life event.  Please pray that this little baby will stick around to be held in her arms in somewhere around 36 weeks and for them to have peace with God’s will, whatever that may be.  But please Lord, help this little one grow big and strong!

– Another friend from Texas sharing the joy of her pregnancy, again very early in the first trimester so to calm her worries and to help this little one grow grow grow!

Ahh, like I said so much going on.  As my own life seems in a moment of two good to be true, and to know that with each Braxton-Hicks we’re closer and closer to meeting this little one ourselves, the world continues on around us.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord!

3 thoughts on “This past week …

  1. I hope everything gets better quickly for those who need our prayers. I can’t imagine being unable to hold my baby!

    Can’t wait for you to be holding yours!!! :)

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