New knits…now with crochets!

So first off, I knit this cool little earflap hat.  These pictures don’t quite show how wonky it is, but you can see the cables in it that were pretty fun to do.

Hats remain the most satisfying to knit.  I have like 5 more patterns I want to try.

Also, earlier this summer I decided to take the plunge and start knitting….baby things.  That’s right.  Apparently in India only women expecting babies knit (and why my roommate stopped knitting right after I taught her, to not lead her mother in law on!).  A long time ago (ok, two years) I started knitting to calm my mind and yet give me something productive to do (so maybe that is true?).  I only became productive at it once I was stranded in another country and taking plane flights back and forth to Mexico, really.  But I decided I had a few close friends and relatives giving birth and so I wanted to celebrate their children and, as painful as it would be to not knit something for my own child, at least I could pray for their child as I knit.  So maybe if I wasn’t so vocal in being happy and estatic in their pregnancies, they’d see that they still mattered and I still cared about them, just in a way that was more conducive to my situation.  Also, I could avoid an unnecessary trip to Babies R Us, aka, the land of nightmares :)

Well anyways, I forgot to take a picture of the first baby blanket I knit before I sent it off :P  Bummer.  However, the second one I did take a picture of.  Only, I also started something new…crochet!  I’ve had a few friends request clearly crocheted items over the last year and it was bugging me that I didn’t know how to do it, though its supposedly easier.  So I bought a book and I learned.  And I crocheted this in a few nights as practice.

While I starting knitting the blankets before we found out we were pregnant, I bought that crochet book the first weeka we found out.  However, shortly later is when I discovered our dropping progesterone levels and so one night while making this, I told my husband that this would be for our little one.  Some people go buy their baby something to make it real, I crocheted this little guy.

So anyways, back to the blanket…I also crocheted my sister (and my new niece) this little stuffed koala.  He’s all wonky but I think he’s adorable.  AND one of a kind!  Can’t buy that in a store! (Probably because they wouldn’t let you sell it…).

And here’s another shot of my husband modeling just how comfy that blanket was…

What a good sport.  Anyways, I better start being more productive because I keep going to the store and buying yarn but unless there’s a change in my output, my husband is going to start getting suspicious….unless he already is…

18 thoughts on “New knits…now with crochets!

  1. I’m impressed! I started a little baby sweater for E’s baptism that is still only about half way done. This is not good considering his baptism was a long, long time ago! :) I love knitting though…have fun!

  2. You have major skillz! I tried to take my frustrations out on learning how to knit, but my stuff ended up too tight. I’m not patient enough for it but your little bird and bear are darling!

  3. Cute items!! I’m trying to make a Hippo for our little one. I’m not close to finishing and my due date is already past!!! I had GREAT plans to knit a whole bunch of stuff for baby but only completed a pair of leggings (that may or may not fit) and a head band with a bow (if our little one is a girl). I received 3 crocheted blankets from friends and family :) Good luck on all your projects! I love to see the pics.

  4. You taught yourself? Ugh! I can not crochet to save my life. If I got a book could I do it? eeekkk! I want to so badly! Knitting doesn’t feel comfortable to me….Crocheting is better but I think knitting is prettier. ;)

    Love your wonky animals! They are precious!

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