Best effort

One day I’m going to look back at this blog and think “Man, I did so much writing while not pregnant…what the heck did I think when I was pregnant?”.  I would really like to try to remember (something other than the fact that it was really hard to remember things), so here’s my attempt to just get things rolling again.

– I had a conference in Phoenix and got to meet some local bloggers there.  Did you catch the pictures?  Its true, we exist in real life, apparently!  And see, dear hubby, my friends really DO exist!  (And, like E, are not axe murders…that I know of ;) )  Leila, Danya and Joanna are all amazing ladies and I had a great time, really could have blown off my presentation and spent all week talking!  I even got to meet Danya’s adorable family!  What a lucky girl I am!

– I am back up to my original dose of progesterone.  It was a blissful two weeks only poking myself, er, receiving a poke, in the behind ONCE a week for half the time, alas, my body decided to stop making progesterone and I am now back to my previous levels.  At least I’m far enough into the 2nd tri that I no longer feel the intense fear associated with seeing those low levels (that and I actually never asked for the specific level, look at that self control!).   So now I’m back at 200 mg/L 2x a week until who knows when.  I did a crazy move and ordered a bunch of vials in hopes that maybe this will be like that one time I ordered extra HCG and ended up not needing it because I ended up pregnant…just a hope (Sidenote: anyone know how to dispose of HCG? Its still chilling in my fridge, literally…hehe).

– One downside to increasing progesterone again is a that I think I was just finally getting used to the idea of my body being capable of this pregnancy and now I feel a little backsliding.  I have almost finished my first “birth book” and its still surreal to think that after how long it took for my body to clue in on how to get pregnant that it could continue to function properly and know what to do when it comes down to actually birthing the baby.  But I was just becoming used to the idea and feeling comfortable with my progesterone levels that it knew what it was doing medically as well.  Now I’ll have to regroup and try to regain that focus.  I guess I do see it as an important step in not being fearful of birth, which I would like to not be.  Knowing many people that have been on progesterone shots for an extended time and still having a good birth experience is helping.

– I have been knitting/crocheting up a storm.  Well, more like a slight breeze.  To be honest I’ve been too tired to even watch The Office without falling asleep.  And as soon as my sister gets her package I’ll have to post some pictures to share.  Also, my husband has finally realized that with all this knitting I’ve done I’ve yet to knit him anything.  Before you think me cruel, he has only recently stopped calling me an old lady for knitting and has admitted its a good hobby for me.  So he has requested, brace yourself, a sweater.   I have never made something so substantial before and I started it last night.   I have dreams of finishing it before Christmas but I’m really just trying to get it done for him to wear it this season…so….March?  I think I can do March. Wish we luck.


Ok, if I wait to add more this probably won’t get published, so I’m just gonna go ahead and click GO!

9 thoughts on “Best effort

  1. I’ve been wondering how things are going, so I’m glad to hear it’s good! I’m sorry that you have to go back up on the progesterone, but I’m so glad that it’s there and available for you to take. I think you should give us some progress pictures on the sweater as you go! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the PIO. I was on 200/2x week until 32 weeks, or something like that! Then I almost had the baby in the car on the way to the hospital! Needless to say, there wasn’t any medication involved ;).

    Good luck with the sweater. I do not have the follow through skills for that.

  3. I agree with CM on the progress pictures of the sweater, and maybe something else that should be growing??? ;)

    Bummer on the progesterone shots, but if keeps Baby Moonhead in there and growing until week 40 or so, it will all be worth it, right?

  4. Boo for more progesterone shots and decreasing levels! I’m sort of at your point now…I was just getting ready to relax regarding the progesterone and pregnancy, and them BOOM…back up with the progesterone. I’m starting to gather this will be a roller coaster ride until the end. What do you think? At least we’re on the ride together:-)

    I’m wondering why you had to go all the way up to 200 mg twice a week and not 100 mg twice a week if you are in Zone 2? Protocol would say 100mg twice a week for zone 2…hmmmm

  5. Sorry about the PIO, but we’ll do what we have to do, right? I was taking them, 2mls twice a week, but ended at week 30. That is…I stopped them for two weeks until my levels dropped a bit and had to go back on at week 32, only this time 1ml once a week. Dr. H said to stop at 37 weeks. I was hoping I wouldn’t need PIO shots for my entire pregnancy. It looks like I will be off for all of 5 weeks total. Brutal, but I’ll do it…happily!

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