Fall prayer buddy reveal

After some unexplained hesitancy…or just distraction, I joined this sessions prayer buddies at the very last minute.  And I’m so glad I did.  I had the pleasure of “meeting” someone new and being able to pray for Holly at Falling Upwards.  I had never read her blog before and honestly, initially felt unprepared to pray for someone who had such different prayer requests than me.  But I prayed and continued to pray at daily mass for Holly, her beautiful family, and their intentions.  As I went through so many changes myself these past 6 weeks, my prayers evolved also.  I was glad to have been matched with a woman who challenged myself and really made me stress the importance of putting and praying for someone else before yourself.  I really needed that.

Holly, I hope you have felt the power of these prayers in your life and that your intentions are being resolved!

Additionally, I learned that Perfect Power in Weakness was my prayer buddy this time around and she was as sweet as can be.  I was totally surprised too!  And what did I come home to last night but a beautiful card and the first gift I have for my baby from someone else: a sweet book that will help me record memories for my child.  I want to let you know I have tried to read it twice and had to stop because the tears were blocking my vision AND that my husband loves my “reading the baby book face.”  I’ll have to pull it together to finally write something!  Thank you again, C!


Finally, a special thank you to J at Still Standing for tracking me down and making sure I was signed up!  This would have been a horrible session to miss.  Please join me in prayer that J gets the insurance issues resolved to help pay for her surgery this coming month as well.  Her situation is breaking my heart right now.

One thought on “Fall prayer buddy reveal

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked the book. I debated about if I should send it now or wait, but then I was like, if I wait, how long….until the next ultrasound and you’re out of the 1st trimester? I decided just to send it at the end of prayer buddies, and if it was too early for you to start writing, you could just hang on to it until you felt ready to write down some of your thoughts. I’m so glad you decided to participate in this round of prayer buddies!!!

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