The dream continues!!

So there really was a little baby in there today!!

We just had our appointment this afternoon and after a long chat with the doctor she finally started the ultrasound and BAM!  There popped up a little baby on the screen!  So crazy that every other time I’ve had one of those done everything looks so unidenifiable and “Oh yes, that’s the uterus, now we’re measuring the thickness.  Lets search for your ovary now…” But wow, I needed no one to show me where the baby was!  Baby was just chillin’ there, sitting pretty like he was ready for his first photo :)

And he took a good one!  He looked like a chunky little gummy bear.  I started to get worried because she was taking pictures but he wasn’t moving.  I said something and she turned on the sound and we heard the heart beat!  Super, super fast!  Like 176.  And he’s measuring at 9weeks, when really I’m something like 9weeks 3 days, so I guess that’s ok?  I’m just reading that from the picture, she didn’t actually say anything… But then he started wiggling his arms and kicked his little legs!  Crazy.

I started crying before the appointment even started.  And then when he popped up on the screen, I started crying again.  Such happy, happy tears.

And it was my swiss cheese ovary, ms. righty that made it happen.  Way to go girl.  Although I could have sworn it was the left ovary I felt the pain from last month.  Oh well, if there is one thing I realized, its that I know so little.

Oh yeah, and he’s totally a little moonhead :)


Oh yeah, after searching for bloggers’ progesterone levels after I wrote the last week and then proceeding to have my husband find me freaking out when my husband got home, I was officially banned from the blogs for the week so, yeah.  Now I’m back though :)

14 thoughts on “The dream continues!!

  1. Oh, I’ve been praying for you and your little gummy bear all week! I am so excited to hear of this healthy little heart beat. And he’s moving! It takes my breath away every time. I’m so glad you and baby are doing great. Grow, baby, grow!

  2. I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you all week too!! SO EXCITING!! Isn’t it so AWESOME to see the little one!! Lots of prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy. Oh, and if they don’t recommend an ultrasound for a while again you should ask for a nuchal translucency scan. It’s to check for down’s syndrome and other stuff. The great part is that it is done at 12 weeks. So, you’d get to see your little one again in just 3 short weeks!! I always like any excuse to get a peak inside!!

  3. What a relief! I keep checking here too, hoping to see a good update. Isn’t it amazing to see that little, perfect being in there? So tiny, yet so obviously alive and HUMAN.

    Prayers that Baby Moonhead continues to grow strong and healthy!


  4. That is an awesome heartbeat!!! I never tire of seeing our Baby B via ultrasound and I am sure you will never tire of it either!!! So excited for you!! Grow, Baby Moonhead, Grow!!

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