Disappearing symptoms

I’ve tried to keep quiet about my fears over here.  It was hard for me to read about people worrying about their pregnancies when for so long it seemed like they were worrying about not getting pregnant.  But, I guess I am the same.  Pregnancy brought up a huge range of emotions and concerns that have no outlet either.  Well, at least not when you just moved to a new area and your new doctor doesn’t realize you went through 2 years to get here and refuses to see you before 9 weeks.

I did just want to say that I was feeling nauseous last week and I was grateful, but also expected it to get worse.  This past Monday everything disappeared.  No more sore breasts, no more nausea, I’m just really hungry.  But I really feel great.  I don’t think that change was good.  And then today I hear from PPVI that my progesterone dropped to 18 (it was 24.6 or 26.4 before…I forgot where I wrote it down).  Apparently it can zigzag and according to the chart I’m still in Zone 2 at 8 weeks, but this test was taken on Saturday and I’ve since lost my symptoms.  I know its possible to not be sick during the first trimester, I just didn’t believe it.

I know there is nothing else I can do.  We are doing 200mL’s of progesterone 2x a week and I’m thanking God for every day with this little one who still seems like a dream.  We are giving it all we got and the rest is out of our hands.  Could you spare a few more prayers for us though?

And if you have any stories about nausea-free pregnancies that ended up OK, please share!


And if you want to comment on how lucky I am…please spare those until after the birth….thanks!

39 thoughts on “Disappearing symptoms

  1. With my third pregnancy, my symptoms came and went… one day I’d feel nauseous, the next day I’d feel great. I was so freaked out (my previous pregnancy had ended in miscarriage) that I begged my midwife for an ultrasound, which showed a healthy baby. He turns 4 in February. :)

  2. Hey, this sounds so much like me, I actually did not have ANY nausea or anything until around 10 weeks. No joke! I think I even posted on facebook that I would be happy to just puke once to make me feel better. Believe many people assured me that nothing was wrong and to be grateful for the lack of nausea. But when you are going through it, you just want to have some sort of anchor to hold onto that lets you know things are still going well in there – you know? I am guessing you do! Anyway, my point is, it didn’t come with a rush either at 10 weeks, it started first with nausea and then by 12 weeks, I was dry heaving each morning before work and then puking a few times a week in the evenings. I heard from other bloggers too that didn’t have any nausea during pregnancy – I think Leila only said she had it with 2 of her 8 pregnancies and Danya didn’t have much of any either. And it was over by 17 weeks. Very minimal in the grand scheme of things and I never got sick at work. I haven’t had any food aversions or increase in smell either.

    And the progesterone stuff – ugh…I am still living through that. Can you take the prometrium suppositories on the non-shot nights for extra peace of mind? Would your Napro doc allow that? That is what we did and I just went off prometrium suppositories at around 22 weeks, but am still on the 2/week 100mg shots.

    I will be praying for you and your peace of mind! God Bless!

  3. I’m trying to remember exactly who it was, but I think it was one of my friends that struggled some with getting pregnant in the first place, that had some similar things happening. I got to see her and her seven month old over Labor Day weekend. Prayers for sure that everything goes well!!!

  4. From my personal experience, I was only very slightly nauseous and never in the morning like I expected. And I have a relative right now who is just a couple weeks ahead of you who hasn’t been nauseous either. And hunger is good! That was my biggest symptom. I’m praying!

  5. I had six (out of eight) nausea-free pregnancies, all healthy babies! I will be praying for you, and please try not to worry (I know… impossible!). You are doing absolutely everything right.


  6. I was only slightly nauseous a few times and I never threw up. My progesterone dropped on me around 6 weeks and again a little after 13 wks. I pretty much stayed on the progesterone until 37 weeks but ended up with a gorgeous baby. Praying for you.

    P.S. I felt more lonely being pregnant after IF than I did being IF. Be good to yourself.

  7. With MG I was sick the first few weeks then it went away then around 10 or so weeks it came back and lasted until about 17 weeks. This time around I feel great and at 14 weeks baby looks great. Hang in there. I’ll be praying for you.

  8. I had no symptoms the first trimester. I didn’t hurt, I didn’t vomit, I didn’t do much of anything. About oh … 11 or 12 weeks I started getting wretched head aches. And when I told my OB she said they would pass with the first tri. They didn’t. I had those suckers for only a few weeks but it felt awful.

    Sometimes I think that I did have symptoms, but I didn’t want to think they were anything so I just didn’t think they were anything? If that makes sense. But I didn’t have any real negative pregnancies symptoms (aside from the tension headaches) until about the 7 month, when I had terrible round ligament pain. Which that and the finger swelling were my worst symptoms, which is a very mild pregnancy by most standards.

    This is a worry filled, panicky time. But unless you are feeling cramping accompanied with bleeding (NOT spotting, bleeding) you are more than likely doing okay.

    And I don’t mean to be a wet blanket … but you will worry about this pregnancy and every pang until that baby is safely delivered.

    And then you will worry for the rest of your life – because your heart is now outside of your body where just about anything can harm it.

  9. I too had no symptoms whatsoever when I was pregnant with my son. No morning sickness, no nauseousness, no sore bbs and no tiredness. He was perfect in every way. You’re gonna make it. We are all praying for you.

  10. No nausea with my daughter! But my 1st pregnancy was a whopper. I was laid out for 18 weeks. And this pregnancy is the same. I was barely functional. I worried like crazy when there wasn’t nausea with my 2nd but the entire pregnancy was problem free and I was able to enjoy my life a bit. I worry about every little thing during pregnancy and the fear of miscarriage is almost crippling!

  11. No comments about you being lucky, but a comment reminding you of the blessing of suffering. (NOT THE BLESSING OF PG, Surprise!) – it sucks, but you were given two years to suffer infertility, and you did it so well… God was so pleased with your ability to suffer gracefully, He’s allowing you again the suffering of the unknown, the worry, and the concern of motherhood. Use it well!! Blessed are we :)
    And I have heard of several nausea-free pregnancies. You can see a whole bunch of them on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pg” hehe.

  12. I’ve never been pregnant, but having so many nieces and nephews I’ve learned that each pregnancy is quite different. Praying… the hunger sounds like a good sign to hold onto for now.

  13. I’m 20 weeks now… my progesterone at 16 weeks was just 20-something, and everything is still totally fine. At 5 weeks, it was NINE and yet still… this baby grew. That’s when I was put on compounded progesterone. With my first pregnancy, I threw up 2 or 3 times, and then had very little nausea. I threw up once with my 2nd and felt sick a lot. This time, I was nauseated from around 8 weeks until 13 weeks, all day, but never threw up. It can be different every time, and doesn’t necessarily correlate to the health of the baby. My theory is that there’s no point in worrying until there is a legitimate reason to worry (ie, your doctor tells you to worry). I started bleeding at 15 1/2 weeks and went crazy with panic, and it just turned out to be a “placental lake.” It was visible on a sono at 15w, 5d, and was completely gone at 16w, 0d. being super-hungry is a GOOD sign. My breasts only hurt with my 2nd pregnancy. Not at all this time.

  14. I had almost no symptoms until now as I enter the last weeks of this pregnancy.

    I knwo nothing we say will ease your worry til you are able to get in to the doctor and have an ultrasound and make sure your baby is ok.

    I will pray for peace for you!

  15. I too have had friends with nausea free pregnancies – and was going to suggest watching ‘I didn’t know I was PG’ too (or maybe not?).

    Anyway, I’m really just stopping by to tell you that my Mass intention today is for you and baby – for your peace of mind and for baby to keep on growing!

  16. Lurker here, just chiming in to add more encouragement! I had only 1 afternoon of nausea with my baby, but I was always HUNGRY the first trimester. I honestly think all my healthy eating kept my stomach calm. And my babe was a perfect 8 pounder at birth. Keep up the prenatal vitamins and follow Doc’s orders. Prayers for you all.

  17. My third and current pregnancy, I had come and go nausea through week eleven or so. Never very bad. I was so worried. And at 8 weeks, my progesterone was only 11. We’ve made it to 21 wks though! I just keep telling myself that every week is a gift, and every week gets us closer to viability and full-term. I’m not handling the shots well, so I’m on 100/mg IM 2x/week and 400mg Prometrium the other nights. Perhaps you could ask about doing both? It really helps you feel like you’re doing something. Whatever your doctor thinks is best though of course.

    I’ll keep you and baby in my prayers. I know how hard it is-my reality has been the same for the past four months, and now with frequent Braxton Hicks kicking in it’s not getting any better. *hugs*

  18. I felt a little overall icky for a few weeks, then felt fine. I was rarely nauseous though. And it all ended up fine! I understand the fears, there are so many fears in pregnancy!

  19. No nausea with either of my pregnancies, just a little heartburn in the second halves. I never really believed I was pregnant until we had the ultrasounds because I seemed so devoid of symptoms.

  20. I was fine…very few symptoms all the way through…no idea what my progesterone was either bc that was before my NAPRO days

    Praying for you!

  21. Praying for you!

    Two of my friends experienced no nausea during their pregnancies. One has one healthy child, and the other has 3 healthy children with one on the way. Neither have had any problems, so I know it definitely is normal for some people!

  22. I’m sending some prayers your way. I’m 29 weeks now and only threw up twice. Early on in this pregnancy I had the nauseous feelings only for a short time and all is well with this little one. I can relate to how you are feeling. In the back of my mind I kept over thinking everything wondering if I was ‘normal’ in my experiences. It’s hard NOT to think about what could go wrong, but just focus on the positive. What kept me positive was reading up on what my baby was up to each week by checking the babycenter.com app I downloaded on my phone. It gives you a little something to read every day about your baby.

  23. I have been thinking and praying for you all day! The only thing I want to convey: You were a patient of Dr. H, right? If yes, he will fax in an order to your ob/gyn for an early ultrasound. My office didn’t do them until 12 weeks but Dr. H faxed an order and I was in early (week 6). This might be moot point at this time since you are almost at 9 weeks, but I thought I’d mention it. Also, I remember reading a comment from someone else to JBTC when she was going through anxiety (I was too at the time). Someone told her, “No blood, no foul.” That phrase stuck with me and every time I went to the restroom I would think, “no blood, no foul.” It really helped me, whoever it was! I’m sorry you are going through this. Just know we are all praying for you and your little one!

  24. Like the others, my morning sickness came and went during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. I only threw up once (and I think it was food poisioning!), but rather than having a healthy appetite, I never wanted to eat. The only food that was appealing to me was fruit and cereal. Will be praying for you!

  25. I had very few symptoms the first few weeks of my current (fifth)pregnancy…. the only one so far that hasn’t ended in a miscarriage…. actually I feel as if I felt more pregnant early on with some of my other pregnancies. So, have hope! When I did start to feel sick it was actually in the evenings. If I didn’t have dinner on time, I was miserable. Around 13-14 weeks that feeling went away too and I didn’t feel like I was pregnant at all…. I was so anxious until I could feel the baby moving for sure around 22 weeks. And, now, at 26 weeks, I just kind of feel nauseated sometimes. And, I still worry constantly that something is going to go wrong. Bottom line is…. I think everyone is different and symptoms can come and go as they please. So, hang in there and have hope! I am praying for you!

  26. I do not get terribly sick in my pregnancies. the amount of nausea you have described is about all I had with my first and then I had none with my second or third. Then I was really sick with my fourth and not sick at all with my fifth. I tell you all that to say…yes, a healthy pregnancy CAN be somewhat nausea free.

    That being said, I will pray for you tonight. Take care.

  27. I’ll head to bed praying for you right now. I can definitely relate to moving and having to start over with a new doctor who doesn’t get it. I am mid-fertility treatments and just moved to Texas, and I’m dreading starting all over with a new doctor. I so wanted to be pregnant by now with the help of the doctor I had before, who I trusted very much and would go way out of her way to help me.

    His will, not mine, though, right?

    Anyways, all that to say that although I’ve never met you in person I’m so encouraged by how you share your heart with all of us readers. I’ll be going before the throne of grace tonight on your behalf!

  28. Praying, too! I did not have alot of nausea or breast tenderness either and Joseph came out healthy. I was a worrier too :) I got consolation from a friend that said worrying was just God’s way of preparing me for motherhood because I will be worrying about their safety always!

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