Not quite as good as a hug

As happy as I am for a blogger that announces their pregnancy, somewhere in my head (or blog reader) I (sometimes) eventually stop being as loyal a reader as I once was, mostly because their blog doesn’t offer that sense of support that I crave(d).

This isn’t a dis-invite (de-vite? unvite?  here I am making up words…) to stop reading my blog, I just wanted to provide a couple other blogs (outside of the Catholic bloggers) I had stumbled upon recently that I felt tremendous support from and maybe they will do the same for some others who need it.


Held.  So, so good.  A Christian network of women currently or who used to suffer from sub/infertility writing about their experiences (and the best part, they don’t tell you!  You just get to read their wisdom).  Very faith based, but with a touch of ART mentioned on occasion.  Such wisdom and you’re bound to cry, so you’ve been warned.  Some of us could probably write over there as well…

Life as two.  I found Thelma’s blog from the Held site because her pieces were so insightful.  When I followed it to her blog I loved it even more and consumed almost all her posts related to infertility.  Her bio, “I do not write this blog from ‘the other side’ of infertility. We were a family of two the day we were married, and it appears that the Lord intended for our family to remain that way. To my knowledge, I have never been pregnant.  We have seen the Lord quietly close all the doors to parenthood (ARTs, fostering, adoption) as we traveled this road and we stand here today as we did on the day we wed: a family of two…..I wish I could tell you how your story ended.  I can’t promise you a child at the end of your road.  I can, however, be witness to the faithfulness of God in the midst of the storm.  He is near, faithful and strong enough to bear you up through all of this.  Lean on Him, even when it feels easier to be angry with Him.”

If that didn’t make you cry, you have no soul.  I found her blog the week before we found out we were pregnant.  What a gold mine.

And on a lighter note…

Scrambled Eggs.  Found this after the NFPWorks blog mentioned it.  Mostly funny, well, as funny as you can get approach to dealing with sub/infertility.  I love the movie Dumbo when I was a kid!  And now I see the connection…


I still don’t know what to do about the Catholic Infertility Support group in California I wanted to start.  I felt that I was in such a position to do some good here (despite no one emailing me and saying ‘yes, sign me up!’) and then…well, I’m pretty sure no one wants a pregnant woman running the group.  I feel bad though because I know that although no one emailed me or started one already, there has to be a need out there and they’re just by themselves.  I’ve still thought about organizing it and being the moderator or something, but I guess we’ll just see how things play out from here.

11 thoughts on “Not quite as good as a hug

  1. Congratulations!!! I am so terrible at commenting lately because I have been reading mostly on my phone, and it doesn’t let me comment very often! Praying for a healthy pregnancy! :)

  2. These other blogs look great, but I don’t plan to stop following yours! :) Besides, your experience with IF has no doubt shaped who you are. I don’t think you’ll suddenly lose all that depth.

  3. I’ve always thought that about Dumbo too! The song, Baby Mine, when the mama elephant is locked in the train car and Dumbo is on the outside and she’s trying to hold her baby but the chains keep him just out of her reach … that was the perfect metaphor for my infertility.

    Every time I think about you I smile. Hope all is well.

  4. God help me, it feels so inappropriate to protest but, I did leave a comment in response to your interest in starting a southern California Catholic infertility support group. My email is not anonymous so I invited you to email me and since we’ve corresponded before I figured you still had it.

    I’ve survived this long without a formal support group and as a former Catholic infertile blogger, I’d determined some weeks ago that general Christian illness support and prayer groups work much better for me.

    That said, I’m very happy for you. It’s good to know that laparascopy works for lots of people since a lot of couples get pregnant give or take four months after the surgery.

  5. Yes! Continue with your IF support group. I’ve been working with the priest in my diocese to get something similar started up (and I’m 27 weeks). But I know how I longed for 4 years for support, so whether you’re pg or not, there are still women out there who need your witness and support!

  6. It’s funny, as someone who hasn’t followed the Catholic IF blogs for all that long, the “currently pregnant” authors are the ones I just couldn’t get into. But bloggers who have IF/SF with children, adopted or biological, I’ve started really enjoying reading their posts. Maybe if you keep working on getting the support group going, there will be other people who step up to help and provide the support of a not-currently-pregnant woman. And then there will be many perspectives that everyone in the group can benefit from!

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