Most families are special

One of the great perks of moving is finding old boxes of memories.  Well, not really finding, more like trying to escape your parents cleaning out the house and giving you all your old stuff you thought would be stored there forever and then having to sift through it to figure out what’s worth keeping when you finally reach your destination.  And by “old stuff” I mean everything from my little ponies to elementary school progress reports to cards to my mom congratulating her on my birth (wait, why did I end up with those?!).

Old pictures are fun too, such as gems like this one.

I’ll spare you my awkward teenage years.

Something I found that is definitely going in the ‘keeper’ pile is this little book I wrote about 20 years ago about my family.

"My Family Book"

"This is my cat. He is funny. This is my sister. She is pretty."

I like to think I wrote it in order of my favorites, so naturally, the cat is first.

"This is my b(ig) brother. This is my mom."

"This is my dad. He is looking the other way. This is my l(ittle) brother."

Is it weird that I remember making this?  And I remember messing up my dad’s face and thinking it was brilliant that I would hide my mistake by pretending I needed to make him look the other way.  Yes, brilliant.

"This is me. Most families are special. My family is special and yours is too."

So prophetic.  Most families are special, but not all.  But don’t worry because ours are. (Whew).

Yes, my family is special.  Which is why I’m going cross-country to Virgina to visit them!  Well, mostly just that pretty sister and b. brother of mine, but still.  Its hard when we all 6 of us live in 5 different states and 4 different time zones, so I’ll take what I can get!

11 thoughts on “Most families are special

  1. Cute! I love finding old pictures and things I made as a kid. My parents didn’t keep much, but what I have makes me smile when I go through it :)

  2. I love it MOST families are speical. I guess some aren’t. Evidently since I read it, my family is. Whew! :)

    Jeanne G.

  3. It sounds like your family is just as spread out as mine. I LOVE visiting with them as often as possible and I find that the time I do spend with them is not taken for granted. Safe travels!

  4. When I’m feeling the way I’m feeling on days like today, I need to come read only the fellow infer – er, subfertile blogs like yours and not the “my baby did this, what did your baby do?” blogs. This totally cheered me up and even made me laugh :) Quite a feat, I tell you. I was seriously close to jumping out my window a moment ago.

    Thanks for the cuteness :) Your family is VERY special, especially that backwards-facing Dad of yours ;)

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