Take 7 – Truly Random


My Hispanic husband was very confused by the gazpacho I made this past week.  I come in to find him eating it with chips and asking why the salsa was so runny.  Oh honey…


Knitting was a lot more fun when I had TV channels to watch while knitting.  Plus, I think knitting is more fun in cold weather anyway, I just want to be outside these days!


I ordered a food dehydrator last week but I’m scared to use it.  We have a tree full of apricots and the figs are almost ripe (I think?  I don’t know what they’re supposed to look like…) but I just would rather eat them fresh because I know I won’t screw them up.  I’ll break it out this weekend and let you know how it went…


Fresh squeezed orange juice is waaayyy better than store bought.  Only thing is, I ran out of the low hanging fruit and even with my tall frame am having a hard time reaching the oranges at the top of the tree (and that’s with a fruit picker!).  Isn’t that some sort of metaphor?


My “happy family jade ball” continues to mock me.  When I unpacked it immediately my heart sank.  Stupid ball.  I bought it in China right before we started trying to grow our family.  It was supposed to resemble our interlocking generations with the dragon (male) and phoenix (female) carved on the outermost ring and our children within.  Its not like I actually believed it would bring good luck, its just one of those things that’s associated with a naivete I’ve long lost.

Hard to see the carvings in this picture, but you can see the interlocking layers.



Had a 3rd interview for what seems like a dream job and it went well.  I will find out in a few weeks if I got the job.

I have a lot more conflicting feelings on the subject of looking for work while dealing with sub-fertility and the anxiety that surfaces when purusing a career at a time when I thought I would be preparing to be a stay at home mom, but that’s not really a quick take.  So I’ll save that for later.


Not only is my house/neighborhood full of fruit trees, but its also full of animals.  Someone asked if we live in a zoo.  If you’re my facebook friend, you’ve probably seen these pictures, but here they are anyway.

Mini pony out our window! (Before the apricots were ripe)

This happened while we had guests..."Umm, why is there a peacock in the street??"


It turns out the horses live down the street...and our grass is tasty :)

We definitely live in a strange neighborhood….


Ok, that’s all my quick takes for this week.  Go over to Jen who’s hosting it at Conversion Diary to see more quick takes!

6 thoughts on “Take 7 – Truly Random

  1. 1. Haha! Although really, doesn’t everything taste better with tortilla chips?

    3. Awesome! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    6. Oh, good luck! I look forward to hearing more – I always appreciate your thoughts on all this.

    7. Only in California, I suppose :)

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