Secret language of sub-fertiles

So the first time I watched this interview with Piers Morgan asking Beyonce if she was going to have a baby soon, my ears perked up at that line “Only God knows” and the serious tone her voice took.  Am I reading too much into it?  Maybe.  But that’s my husband’s line of what we used to answer before it was totally out there that we were trying to have a baby or to people we don’t know that well, “in God’s time”.

I wish I could be this awesome at answering this question.  She’s like, my role model to answer prying questions with humor and grace.

So what do you think, Beyonce with baby trouble?  I hope not, but if so, it was predicted here first!


10 thoughts on “Secret language of sub-fertiles

  1. Very interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right!

    When Jack was our only for 5 years, people always asked, “Is he your only one?” I hated the question but always responded with “For now!” and left it at that. Leave them hanging!

  2. I TOTALLY noticed that and my first thought was “oh no..they’re having troubles…”

    It’s weird, it’s like if you struggle with fertility then you have this IF radar-I think it’s because we’re more sensitive (due to personal experience) and attuned to hearing what others are saying in regards to fertility.

    Ps…how the heck do I follow your blog so it shows up in my blogroll? I’m not familiar with wordpress…

    • Faith makes things possible:
      if you copy the main site address ( and then go into your blog list and select ‘add’ then enter paste the address into the box next to ‘add from url’ you should be good to go :).

  3. Thanks Rebecca!! :)
    I guess it three me for a loop when there wasn’t the option at the top that said “follow”…silly me! ;)

  4. Good catch! Unfortunately, you might be right. (For her sake, I hope not.) But that is one of the phrases I use… “in God’s time” or “we’ll see when God wants to bless us”.

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