Attempting the anti-inflammation diet

There’s been a lot of gluten/dairy free cooking going on in this kitchen these days.

If you have any recipes or can offer any advice/tips on doing this anti-inflammation diet, I’d really appreciate it.  I’m living off of spinach, chicken, and rice.  It has only been about 2 weeks and I’m already losing steam and would do just about anything for a biscuit.  As soon as we figure out our insurance situation (or maybe before) I’m planning on getting allergy tested so I’ll know exactly what it is that causes me problems, but until then I’m going with the usual culprits.

Brown rice pasta with sweet pepper sauce

Blueberry oatmeal "pancakes", eggs and bacon...I sure hope I get to keep the eggs....

Also, when life hands you a lemon (tree)…

make lemonade!

Oops, too slow on the picture...that lemonade was too delicious


Rule #1 of food photography: Use your own glass/plate so that the object doesn't get stolen mid shot!


Seriously though, any good gluten/dairy free recipes out there?

9 thoughts on “Attempting the anti-inflammation diet

  1. I’ve been doing the gluten, dairy, sugar, and egg free diet for a few weeks now. It definitely takes patience and planning, but I’m feeling so much better and have lost almost 5 pounds already. I don’t have any good recipes and have pretty much given up baking. I did peruse the gluten-free aisle and found pizza crust, tapioca flour, quinoa, etc that can all be eaten safely. Mainly I stick to meat (chicken, beef, fish, seafood), fruits, and veggies.

    I am wondering how long you plan to wait to do the food testing? If you’ve already cut out the most sensitive food items, will they still show up on a food test since you’re essentially starting to heal your body already?? I know I had to have my celiac test done shortly after I found out about my food sensitivities, so that the antibodies could/would still be present (thankfully they weren’t).

  2. If I remember correctly when I first went gf I did a lot of substituting in my old recipes (like for pasta, etc). Now that I also have to eat low GI, it’s gotten a bit more challenging (I also have a TON of allergies).

    I also cheat by purchasing a lot of my gf stuff — breads especially. We have a great health food store that carries so many gf products.

    My favourite gf food has to be risotto. Although the stirring gets old quickly, you can throw just about anything in the pan and it works.

  3. Udi’s bread and Pamela’s cookies were my favorites. Now, I’m like Jelly Belly and eating low GI so I’ve cut those out of my diet. I would highly recommend Elana’s pantry linked above. Check out and Soups are my favorites with tortilla or rice chips on the side. Two great ones are : and Good luck and have fun experimenting!

  4. My co-worker just had an appt with one of the Drs at PPVI who said the coffee bean is also inflammatory, so I’ve recently given that up. Which sucks. :(
    Also, be careful of oats, they are not all gluten-free, they have to specifically say gluten-free on the bag. Otherwise, most oats are rolled in flour so that they don’t stick together.
    All your recipes look so yummy!!

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