Positive test results

Not necessarily the type I’d really like, though, so don’t get that excited.

On Friday the Omaha nurses finally called with the results for my endometrial cultures.  So now I’m getting way more personal than I ever thought I would on this blog, but if you remember from my write-up, Dr. H had concerns about my endometrial lining, although it was the ‘best picture of an inflammed uterus’ he’d ever seen (if I could set up a scanner I could scan the picture, but would that be too much?  my endometrium on the blog?) and tail-end bleeding and occasional non-patterned mucus readings possibly indicated that there was some odd bacteria/infection in there causing the inflammation.

His plan was, despite the test results, to still start antibiotics but they called with the results and I did test positive for 2 different cultures , after which I was all “high five, honey! first positive test yet!” and now we’re on a grand total of 5 weeks of antibiotics that will hopefully check “inhospitable uterus” off our list of potential issues.  My husband is possibly more medicinally adverse than I am, so he’s a bit vocal about his dislike of this.  But then again I’m like “hey honey, who just had surgery again?  that’s what I thought”.  He is cooperating, I must mention.  He’s just…vocal.  Which is probably good because I was getting a little too used to that being my role :)

From what I have read so far online, which isn’t that much, these things basically look like yeast infections part deux?  The most common way to get them is after birth, which definitely didn’t happen around here.  Possibly sex-related but not necessarily.  I have never had an abnormal pap so I do find it a bit odd, but I also realize that this is a new area of research for Dr. H so I guess I’ll see where it takes us.

9 thoughts on “Positive test results

  1. I think I was one of Dr. H’s first, back in 2006. I have lots of TEBB/infection related posts on my blog that can give you more of an idea of the details if you’d like, but for us abx made ALL the difference. I know that isnt’ the case for everyone, but it is at least one piece to your puzzle and treating it will be a good thing. Feel free to email me about my experiences.

  2. Its so interesting that lots of women seem to have the TEBB. Me too! I have been on several courses of antibiotics and now am on them day 1-10 of each cycle. I still see the TEBB though, so who knows. Hoping you have yours goes away soon … if not, I’ll be checking in on what else Dr. H prescribes for you. (I see Dr. K @ PPVI.)

  3. I took antibiotics to deal with my TEBB WAY back, but it wasn’t til my endo was removed that it stopped (well, it’s come back, but not as bad). I am sure that Dr H is going to find interesting stuff in my endometrium!

    Btw, post the pics! I’m so curious!

  4. NOT NICE! I saw that title in my blogroll and got all excited (even though I was totally wondering how it was possible knowing you had surgery last month – but hey, I was so ready to be excited for you!).

    Ahem and anyway…

    I’m still excited for you – having something to tackle, to work on, to target has good to feel so good in a sense.

  5. Hi there. Similar to Wheelbarrow, I had endometritis with Hilgers and it turned out to be an infection that he referred me to Dr. Toth in NYC to treat. (Hilgers is still new at this infection stuff.) Email me with questions – andreastarosciak@gmail.com

  6. I had lots of inflammation of my endometrium too, but I had a positive culture for yeast not bacteria. I thinking treating my inflammation was a big part of finally getting pregnant. We both took two rounds of diflican for the yeast and the cyclical antibiotics, plus i was on hydrocort and I took benadyrl twice a day from P+5 to P+9.

  7. This might sound a little weird but I am so happy that he FOUND something so now they can fix it!
    A friend (fellow blogger too ;)) and I were trying to figure out “endometritis” and where it might come from (our cases were both “unexplainable”) and there doesn’t appear to be a lot out there…thank goodness for Hilgers, figuring things out :)!!!
    Hope you are feeling good very soon and praying for your complete 100% healing!!!

    and btw I got really excited about the title of this post ;)

  8. This is great news for you in your healing process! I think Dr Hilgers is definately catering his infections treatment towards his individual patients’ needs, and he’s been researching with Dr Toth since 2007. I did Dr Toth’s treatments, twice in fact, and continued the cyclical antibiotics for waaaaaay too many months afterwards. I don’t think infection was my issue. But it can be for many other people, and it’s worthwhile to treat. Make sure you invest in a good probiotic! :)

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