Go west, young…family

We made it here on Thursday and have been settling in nicely since then.  I just need to get used to the lack of humidity and the idea of wearing socks in summer (all you Texans may realize what a shock this is…).  I took a lot of pictures from our trip, but first, proof we were in Omaha…

Old Rosenblatt...my husband was sad my cycle wouldn't cooperate so we could be there for the college world series at the new stadium!

And then a few more of our trip…

Basically finished the sock by the time we got out of Nebraska

Sock #2...


Random hike with the hubs


And eventually made it to our little house :)

Cute huh?  I think I’m going to be doing some canning because we have apricots and figs on the property, as well as oranges.  Any one know of any good recipes?

And today, Pentacost Sunday, was a good first Sunday to come to a parish because there was a ministry fair going on.  We asked about marriage prep or young adult groups and there pretty much are none…but the priest has plans to change that soon so hopefully we can be a part of it!  We’re pretty much jumping in head first,  but they seemed excited to have some NFP teachers!  They don’t know what they just got themselves into :)

8 thoughts on “Go west, young…family

  1. Oh my goodness, your house is so cute! :) So jealous about the figs, apricots, and oranges on your property!

  2. I just sent you an email saying I hoped you’d arrived safely. This is proof you did. Ha, ha. It looks like you had a nice drive out and your house is so incredibly cute…my goodness. It looks like a Bed and Breakfast. Once you get settled you’ll have to start taking reservations:-) I love the idea of a ministry fair on Pentecost Sunday and I love how you’re jumping right into serving the parish!

  3. 1) LOVE that house! gorgeous!
    2) So fun to see pics of my hometown on here ;) (Omaha)
    3) I wish I’d have been able to meet you, you drove right by us I think! (We’re on the NE/CO border, very close to I-80!!!)

    Best wishes in your new home!!!!!

  4. Your house is so cute! And I’m so jealous of your various state sign pics…I wanna go west so badly! :( I have a trip to San Francisco all planned out in my mind. Hubs and I will rent a car and drive alllllll the way up to Washington. Don’t know when, but I’m still excited. lol Is this a permanent house? Are you guys living here indefinitely?

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