(New) Homeward Bound

Well, I finally popped this morning and got to leave Omaha. There were rumors of LUFS after yesterday’s 2.6 cm measurements (does that even happen? I’m thinking that’s why I have such ovulation pains…they’re big suckers!) but we went in this morning to see it all gone and shriveled up. Whew. I had no idea what LUFS is and I guess there’s still a chance that I could have something like that given that’s my “polycycstic-ish ovary” but at least it wasn’t this time. (But after reading about Rita’s experience with LUFS…maybe its not all its cracked up to be?!  Congrats to her!)

The 9 hour car ride through Nebraska/Colorado was pretty painful, but I’m glad we just got it over with. We were going to take a nice leisurely drive out west and see Mt. Rushmore or Yellowstone but since my ovulation was delayed we decided to just head west as soon as possible to our new home!  This way it will be only a 3 day trip.  I can’t wait to get out there and start a new chapter in our life!

10 thoughts on “(New) Homeward Bound

  1. 2.6cm is probably the largest a follicle should get (we usually say 2.5cm at our facility) before rupture, but 1mm difference could just be a small difference in placement of the calipers. Not a huge deal at all. Sounds like a great ovulation to me!

    And in Rita’s case, it wasn’t LUF after all! Hence why it’s so important to go for these ultrasounds daily (missing a day really throws us off our game, but at the same time, can cause some pretty neat surprises!!)

    Were you able to TTC this cycle?

    • i actually read her latest post and saw that too so i’m glad she clarified! i thought it sounded odd. and in answer to your subtle question, yes :) so, i guess we’ll see if lasering the endo was the magic cure or not!

  2. I hope you are next!! Sending you prayers and thank you for your support!!
    Many blessings with your journey!

  3. I did get to go back four years ago. I took my husband to see it and it was wonderful. Different, but thrilling that it did feel like home. Tough to leave again. I do think my community there was a bit unusual and so it actually did take on the identity of my home. That’s rare for third-culture-kids I think.

  4. If you had gone to Yellowstone I could have met you there! No bloggers are ever in our area- haha, oh well. Praying for you and a new beginning!

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