Random things from our trip

1. I now look pregnant.  Seriously, like at least 12 weeks.  Mike keeps telling me its practice.  So I guess I’m practicing being pregnant with this fluid baby.  At least until I adsorb it.

2.  I used to have what I considered to be a cute outie belly button.  Now I have  a Franken-belly button!

3.  Being treated at a Catholic hospital by Catholic doctors where you can talk freely about NFP as a reliable medical method is probably the coolest thing ever.

4. PPVI nurses are secretly angels.  They are the nicest, sweetest nurses ever and I couldn’t feel more respected in their office.

5.  Going back to my hometown was surreal.  And awesome.  I loved growing up there and so many things were the same!

6. Apparently I get pretty nauseous on anesthesia.  So I was totally zonked out all day yesterday and last night.  Think maybe its worn off by now, so I’ve been able to eat today.  Still in some hefty pain.

7.  Had our post-op appointment today.  So, now I have that information.  I guess I’ll write more about that later.

7 thoughts on “Random things from our trip

  1. I’m glad that you’re able to enjoy your hometown during this stressful time! I’m looking forward to reading your “more about that later” and hope that you have something to help with the pain.

  2. Sounds like a good trip thus far, well minus the bloat, I guess! I didn’t know you were from Nebraska, that is cool that you got to visit your hometown. I am with Danya, I look forward to haering the results!

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