Take 7 – The Revival!

Haven’t done these in a while but I was feeling inspired so here goes nothing…

I try not to just flat out complain on here, but these are things I will just never understand…


Why at the baggage claim does everyone huddle up as close as they can to the edge to wait for their bags?  Does no one realize that if everyone just takes two steps backwards we will all be able to see more clearly and not have to push past each other when our bag comes around?  Does huddling close like that actually help anyone or just make it more difficult for everyone?


I really don’t understand the cars that race right behind the firetrucks.  Everyone’s pulling over to make room for the emergency vehicle because out there somewhere there’s an emergency going on, and then some nerd out there thinks that what he’s doing is equally important and just speeds along behind the firetruck, as if all the cars are pulling to the side for him.  Who is that guy and really, what is he doing that is so important?


I don’t understand the people who say “Oh, I could never live anywhere else but X” when in reality, they have never lived anywhere else other than place X so it is impossible for them to make such a statement.  Such a statement is just like stating a fact (“I have never lived anywhere else”) and will have no influence on what people actually think of place X, regardless of what effect you’re attempting to have.


Ok, this isn’t a complaint, but I just wanted to point out that Mexico is where shoes go to die.  My husband and I both had shoes eat it in Mexico and since I’m sure you want to see proof in pictures, here you go:

 I guess that’s a testament to how much walking we did there without a car.  And no, I did not have an accident in the picture above…I actually had just washed dishes and well, didn’t notice the awkwardness of the picture until after the moment had passed.  Whoops.


I’ll never understand people who try to get a (successful) haircut in a country using a language they don’t speak.  Wait, that one’s me…

Sometime during this past spring, I decided that I needed to cut my own hair, since I didn’t have time to go to the salon and I was feeling broke after buying so many plane flights to see my husband.  Lesson #1:  Don’t cut your own hair unless you’re going for that purposely uneven look.  Lesson #2:  Don’t think that getting your hair cut in another country where you can’t speak to the stylist will actually make said bad haircut any better (No matter what your husband tells you).

So, that picture above was taken right after my mexi haircut.  Its really not that bad, it just didn’t fix the unevenness, because apparently my grunts and finger pointing weren’t able to portray “I royally screwed up this side so you might just want to do something new all together”….imagine that…


I will never understand people who drop their phones in the toilet.  That would happen to drunk college girls all the time back in the day and I’d hear about it in undergrad and think WOW, what were you doing to drop your phone in the toilet??


Actually, I take back #6.  I totally understand why people now drop their phones in the toilet and its because they put their phones in their pants back pocket!  And I knew this!  Yet I still did this last night – and was sober I might add.  Dah.  Just my luck that in the week that we’re leaving and I’m trying to get a hold of all my friends to say goodbye that I would drown my phone.  Drunk college girls, I’m sorry for laughing at you then.  Who knew that 8 years later I’d be racking my brain trying to remember what it is you did to get it to turn back on…

Alright, a totally frivolous post but between tying up loose ends in Texas, packing out and moving, and an upcoming surgery, I wanted to write something a little light-hearted!  Have a great weekend everyone and please stop by Jen’s for more Quick Takes!

11 thoughts on “Take 7 – The Revival!

  1. #6 and #7 reminded me of my sister. She did that same exact thing – phone in her back pocket and it fell out right away when she was a public restroom. She went to retrieve it (she hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet) and before she could grab it the automatic flusher thing flushed it. She was stunned and obviously never saw that phone again. Thanks for the chuckle and the walk down memory lane on that one. I didn’t know you were having surgery, I will have to go back and read up on that – good luck!!!!

  2. No personal experience with #6 &7, but I think to dry out a phone you are suppose to put it in a bowl of rice.
    Good luck with surgery and the move.

  3. #1 – I’m so with you on this one!

    #6 – or they are a sober adult who took the phone into the bathroom b/c she was finishing a text letting her Dad know she was home, set the phone down on the sink; and then knocked it into the toilet (a night of sitting in rice with the battery and back taken off and int he rice too was the cure for me!)

    Yay for coming back to the US!

  4. Haha, these were great! I thought the shoe pictures were great anyway, but once you pointed out the water on your shirt they were even better :)

    I’ll pray for the surgery! Good luck with the move!

  5. this was so funny!

    and i can relate … the summer of my junior year in college i was studying in salamanca, spain. one day my friend and i (because we were having, of all things, boy troubles) decided to go to a salon and have our hair cut. it was only when we were sitting in the chairs that we realized we didn’t know the words for “trim”, “bangs”, etc.

    what a fiasco … and we thought we were depressed BEFORE the haircuts;)))

  6. Ah moving. :) And yes, I totally relate. My dearest friends are all across the world, and even when I name the states that are home to my parents and in-laws, none of them are actually living there because they too are overseas. And I agree. When I see people that had a true home, they actually almost seem more able to transition than I am. They have that stability in their background so home isn’t a sentimental thing, it’s beautifully taken for granted. I do sort of want to give that to my children. Just not… here. :)

  7. #1 is a pet peeve of mine too. I’ve tried to counteract it by standing further back to allow others some room–we can all step forward when we see our bag and then get back out of the way–only to have someone else stand 2 feet directly in front of me and refuse to budge. You just can’t win. hahaha

    You’re having surgery? I’m excited for you. I’ll be praying that it goes well!

  8. Loved number 6 and 7. I flushed my phone last summer, completely sober, and didn’t realize it for a while. By then it was too late and very stuck. We call it the “Four hundred dollar flush” since we had to call a plumber to “rescue” it and I had to pay to replace it. Uggh!

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