Knitting gone wrong

Three weeks in Mexico filled with lots of bus travel afforded me a lot of time to knit, so I thought I’d share what I made here.  First, the good.  I decided to try my hand at knitting with cotton yarn and I made this dishcloth for our new home.  I chose this project because it was simple and repetitive and confined to a small space.

Though it turned out surprisingly cute (I like the texture) it didn’t take long at all. And considering I’m going to be scrubbing counters and dirty dishes with it, that’s a good thing.

Next up is where things went a little south.  I bought a book on clearance that had a couple good projects in it, including one on “slippers” which I thought, again, would be nice to wear in our new place that doesn’t have carpet.  Unfortunately, I chose a coral-ish/orange color (because I was trying to go for something fun) and they turned out to look a little more like adult booties.

Adult booties

I actually didn’t notice that I bought two balls from different dye lots until after I was done, so these guys are actually slightly different colors.  But here they are on:

The book had them in brown, but I thought that was too boring.  Maybe I’ll be boring when I make these the next time…

My husband insists I look “fresh” and if fresh means “ridiculous” then he’d be dead on.  He does insist that he wants to wear these though, so maybe I can make myself a better pair :)

Also, these shots were taken “pre-blocking” so maybe that will help a little since the shape was a little off here.  Overall, I’d give these slippers an “eh” and would definitely do them in a darker color in the future.  Guess it was good practice…

On to larger projects next!

8 thoughts on “Knitting gone wrong

  1. I’m so sorry…I don’t mean to be a wet blanket…but yep, they do like adult booties!!! The washcloth on top, however, looks awesome! My mom actually made me a bunch of ’em but I haven’t actually used them to wash dishes, wipe counters, etc. They’re so pretty I just haven’t had the heart to touch them. Let me know how they work for ya.

  2. I’m impressed!!
    I’ve been working on a blanket-crocheting it-but I’ve never tried my hand in knitting!

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