What we have in common with Batman

Leave it to my husband to look at the positive.

After recently talking about our increasing humility (although I guess not now that I’ve talked about it with the outside world – oh this humility thing is so hard!) we happened to be in  hotel here in Mexico flipping through the channels before bed.  Batman Begins was on, one of my husband favorite movies and superheroes.  A brief background, this movie was one of our first dates and I’m surprised he talked to me again after I fell asleep during it.  He’s long claimed that Batman is the most believable superhero, since he really doesn’t have any super powers, he just overcomes sad life circumstances that might cripple a weaker being (his words).

The scene that was on was the one where Katie Holmes’ character is mocking Bruce Wayne, the playboy, because “he doesn’t understand what its like to have a job and responsibilities, all he does is party and live a carefree life.”  (It was in Spanish, so at least that’s what I think she said.)

I was sitting there knitting and missed the whole conversation (did I mention my  Spanish progress was sacrificed for my dissertation?) but my husband leans over there and says,

Look honey, we’re like superheroes!

Huh?  Where is this coming from and what is he talking about…

Batman”s misunderstood too.  People think that he doesn’t suffer any and just parties and here he is saving the world from evil and no one even knows.  And he can’t tell them about his secret identity!  Just like us, we look normal but no one even knows that we’re helping to save the world with our suffering.  We’re like superheroes.

(I’m serious, this conversation really happened. I was in shock with surprise and told him later that I couldn’t not put this on the blog.)

Just in case I ever doubted that we’re not in this together and that we both aren’t suffering.

He’s the positive one with it all in perspective.  To him, we’re superheroes.  And I guess we do have the potential to make this something bigger than just ourselves, as long as we keep that perspective on the greater goal of bringing glory to God.

We just need some capes, a mask, and a cool name.  Any suggestions?

14 thoughts on “What we have in common with Batman

  1. So awesome! I think that is what gets me through the roughest of days- knowing that my husband is right there in the trenches with me!
    I can’t think of a clever name, but I’ll make you a cape and masks!

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