Felices Pascuas!

Easter has finally come!  And what I learned this Lent?  Easter always eventually comes.  He is risen!  And it is a great day, the greatest day of all.  After all, we have the greatest reason for hope!

And the end of another liturgical season means the reveal of prayer buddies!  This lenten season I almost didn´t participate do to all I had going on and I didn´t want to skimp on my prayer buddy.  But I am so,  so glad I did as I got paired with a girl whose blog I´ve been reading for quite some time now.  She was one of the original blogs I started reading several years ago!

I´ve been praying for you, Catholic Mutt!

It was a very physical Lenten season of sacrifice for me and I had a lot of things to offer up, but in praying for you I especially focused on the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  There is a special shrine in the Basillica of Guadalupe in Mexico City to St. Faustina and I´ve been reading her book for the last I don´t know how many months now, so it seemed like a good choice.  The simple prayer ¨Jesus, I trust in you¨ is so meaningful for your many intentions and I offered it on your behalf as well as the Chaplet.  I will continue to pray the novena since Divine Mercy Sunday is next week!  I hope you felt the prayers this season, you have peace and meaning  in your life,  and you have a BLESSED Easter with your family!

Happy Easter to everyone else too.  I hope you enjoy the feast!

2 thoughts on “Felices Pascuas!

    • Hasta 12 de mayo, pero mi celular no funcionada. Y ahorita estoy en Puebla! Queremos invitar a ustedes a cenar antes de salir Mexico! my spanish es horrible!

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