It is done!

Well almost, I still have to turn in minor revisions on my thesis.  But still!  I defended on Friday and passed and now? It. is. done.

So, thanks for all your support!  I was much more calm and peaceful than I thought possible.  Two days later, I’m still trying to calm down and have a feeling vacationing in Mexico is JUST what I need.  And only 4 more days of long distance marriage.

Here’s to all the hard work for the past 5 years and new beginnings!

We aren't photogenic, but this is one of the better photos of us from that day!

Celebrating outside with the flowers he “surprised” me with :)  The Dr. Matching Moonheads! 

Thanks be to God!

*Updated to say, I just realized my tongue is red in this picture from the chili mango candies from Mexico!  Ha!

21 thoughts on “It is done!

  1. Wow- Dr.! That is so impressive! Congrats on all your hard work. Now go celebrate with your husband!

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