Most detailed NFP explanation to date

No quick takes today…but I did want to let you know that I wrote a completely non-controversial article on natural family planning over at the Bubble today.  Its the most detailed explanation I’ve written yet, so if you are curious about what NFP is and how it can possibly work (physiologically and practically), please go check out the post!

And give some love to that cool graph I made.  I’m going to post it here again just because it took me so long to make it and it needs to be published as much as possible!

Updated graph with fixed progesterone!


Go to the Bubble to see more details!

And feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Piled Higher and Deeper

That’s me right now.  Trying to get the final results so I can graduate.

Its also the name of Jorge Cham’s PhD comic series.  He was a graduate student that basically found a lot of success writing comics about grad school life and eventually giving basically stand up routines using the comics.  He came to our university last year and gave a talk on the Power of Procrastination and seriously, it was awesome. The man has brilliantly motivated many a graduate student by helping us realize that this whole experience is just part of it all.  My favorite was during the Q&A after he gave the talk and one girl asked him “So, like seriously, what do you do with your PhD. now?” (He graduated from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering).

“Umm, this.”

His point?  Pay attention to what your procrastinate on.  He wrote comics in grad school and look what he’s doing now.  It helped me sort a lot of life questions out for myself (though I don’t claim to be done).  We also gave him a couple ideas for comics we’re still waiting to see on his site…ha!  If you know a graduate student, I highly recommend gifting them a book!  (If they haven’t procrastinated away on the website already…)

Anyway, here are a few comics that I’m finding particularly entertaining now:

And if you didn’t laugh at those…well…this is probably why!