No such thing as the real world

In these days of anxiety, deadlines, and pressure, I can’t help but look forward to my ‘real life’ starting.

Except I have no idea what that entails. And then I wonder if when real life is here, will I just look forward to something else?
(Despite your opinions on his interview skills/life decisions, his music is still catchy)
Are there some of us that are just never satisfied?  I don’t want to be in that group.  It doesn’t seem like really living.
I get excited about new things all the time.  But its a challenge for  me to focus on the here and now.  Especially this now.  But I’d hate to get to my real life and wonder why I squandered my fake life. We have THE great news, the same promise of salvation and eternal life always!  And the same strong support at all times.  I shouldn’t get so wrapped up in these temporary moments to lose sight of the big picture.
So I try to take a moment and see friends, put aside my pressures and care for the people I love things I believe in, even when I feel in over my head.   Like seeing family and helping with NFP teacher training and meeting Rebecca and The Man :)  Things like that remind me of why we work hard in the first place.
But I still have to get through the now by doing this work.  Now.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Lord, just help me tackle this batch of trouble right now.

9 thoughts on “No such thing as the real world

  1. Ahh, yes. “Real life!” Fun, fun! I’ve found it’s best to not have a lot of expectations! Also..have goals but be flexible. Go where doors open. Don’t plan too much! And you’ll be fine.

    Aaaaand…this has been a public service announcement from Nicole C.

  2. I promise you “real life” will be worth it. It will satisfy. This is from a girl whose mother said about her, “You are insatiable.”

    Nothing satisfies like the ordinary life of being a mom. Nothing. I am praying for you with all my heart. That you enter into the Kingdom of ordinariness were you can give until and hurts and finally feel, yes, satisfied.

    Hope I am not coming across as too heavy.

    Love your writing.

  3. I know what you mean! I have to make this my real life right now, otherwise I’d be waiting for a really long time. Yet sometimes I don’t want to live life in this moment because I just don’t want to surrender to life as it is right now. I suppose it’s possible that’s the reason I feel so far from God sometimes…

  4. I struggle daily with living in the present! I never thought that my reality would be dealing with the cross of IF! I wish I could get a glimpse of my future so I know that all of this struggle was worth it!

  5. I too tend to live in the future. :) And miss the past. Why oh why is the present so challenging? :) It’s good to recognize this though, and take the time to make sure you are soaking it in (as you are doing!). And I do think there are some seasons that are more stressful than others or pull us out of “normal” life, and it makes sense (I think) to long for a little bit of “real world” during those seasons! :)

  6. I totally hear you!
    The funny thing is that I find myself worrying so much about the future, but that is totally when I lose my peace and start to unravel. When I think about just today (which, let’s be honest, is incredibly difficult!), I feel like I will be ok!
    The mind is a weird and wonderful thing!
    Prayers for you today!

  7. Since I’m such a planner, I tend to miss out on “living in the moment.” I’m trying to stop and notice the little details in life and slooooow down. :)

    That’s so neat that you got to meet Rebecca!

  8. That struggle never goes away, at least for me. I figure it’s one of the crosses I have to keep bearing, one of the fights I have to keep fighting. Right?

  9. I don’t care what anyone says, I will probably always love Mayer’s music. If he just shut up & played the guitar for the rest of his life, that’d be great.

    I do find myself looking forward to “the next step” (whatever that means) a lot, but not so much that I can’t appreciate right now. I’m not a big planner, anyway. But had you asked these questions back when I was in nursing school, I can promise you my answer would’ve been, “GET ME THE HELL OUT RIGHT NOW.” Haha.

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