Round-up #2

The IF Cross asked these questions a few days ago and I’m just now getting to it.  The point of her Round-ups is for us all to get to know each other a little better :)

I answer some of them below.  The reasons I can’t answer all of them are two-fold, 1) I don’t have an answer for all the questions, and 2) I don’t have a good enough memory to remember the answers.  I don’t remember a lot of things from my childhood (does that mean something bad?).

Ok, onto the answers!

Tell us about a childhood injury. I have several, since I was a very clumsy child.  I had learned how to climb higher in the neighbors tree from my older brother and my neighbor.  I was so excited to try it that I came home from swim practice and climbed all the way up there.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t learned how to get down, so I just jumped.  And I compound fractured my arm and dislocated my elbow.  Apparently my mom, well-versed in non-emergency screaming/crying children, was able to tell that I was seriously injured right away.  I want that talent when I’m a mom.

Name something you did as a child that your parents don’t know about. I ate a cupcake before we were supposed to on July 4th one year and let my parents think it was my little brother.  Mom, it was really me. 

Worst roommate you have ever had. Would definitely be the one that would hot-box our room on a routine basis and then have the nerve to get upset when we burnt the popcorn.  Umm, right. 

How many times have you changed your hair color? I got a little crazy with the sun-in in high school and then moving to a place with no sun-shine meant I had to fix it by dyeing it.  I would do this ‘cool thing’ (so I thought) and dye just the tips red or orange with henna.  The worst was when I had my little brother help me one time and it ended up being not the tips but half my head.  I ended up just slathering the rest of the henna just all over my head and I had uneven orange hair for winter pictures and honor band.  I haven’t touched hair dye (or sun-in) since.

What was your best Halloween costume? I was a turtle and used a laundry basket for my shell one year in high school.  I walked around really slowly and cracked myself up. 

What was your first car and what do you remember about it?I didn’t drive until I was 18 and didn’t get a car until I was 20.  It was my grandpa’s old car with a v6 engine.  I had only been driving for a year when I met my husband and one of his first memories of me is peeling out in the car after dropping him off after a bubble tea date.  I totally didn’t mean to, the gas was just really sensitive.  But apparently I looked really tough!

What was your first job? My sister and I ran a “Kiddie Kamp” for the local neighborhood children during 2 weeks in the summer, so that was the first time I made money.  Officially, I worked at a fireworks stand over the summer after 8th grade.  I had to check people’s ID to make sure they were 18 to buy fireworks, but I could be 14 and sell them.  How does that work?

Do you have a favorite TV show? I admit it, I’m a 16 and Pregnant/Teem Mom watcher.  And I have no shame in the game.  I honestly watch it because sometimes I need the reminder that while every child is a miracle, not all pregnancy situations are ideal and some are far from it. It is easy to start to idealize every pregnancy when you’re sub/infertile.  If you can watch that show and walk away thinking “Lucky, even those girls can get pregnant” I think there’s some serious tunnel vision going on.  Those girls are facing their own set of problems much, much different than mine.  I don’t, however, advocate for the reunion shows that start to push more sex-ed policies based on these girls experiences.   

Do you have any OCD tendencies that you feel comfortable sharing? Other than not putting wet towels or luggage on the bed, I’m pretty OCD free.  However, I have some great ones on my OCD husband.  I guess I’ll just keep those to myself :)

Ok, if anyone else wants to join, here are the questions!

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