Most detailed NFP explanation to date

No quick takes today…but I did want to let you know that I wrote a completely non-controversial article on natural family planning over at the Bubble today.  Its the most detailed explanation I’ve written yet, so if you are curious about what NFP is and how it can possibly work (physiologically and practically), please go check out the post!

And give some love to that cool graph I made.  I’m going to post it here again just because it took me so long to make it and it needs to be published as much as possible!

Updated graph with fixed progesterone!


Go to the Bubble to see more details!

And feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

15 thoughts on “Most detailed NFP explanation to date

  1. Your graph is total awesomeness!!!!! I want to frame it and hang it in my living room, it’s that gorgeous.

    And your article was amazing. Thank you for spreading the truth and beauty of human sexuality!

  2. WOW!!!! I can’t believe you made that graph! Seriously!!!! I’m not just saying that, either! I’m really impressed!!!!
    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful information! :)

  3. By popular demand, the graph was done in powerpoint! Anticlimatic I know. The mucus pictures were used from the Diocese of Harrisburg’s NFP method course and the other ones were hand drawn :)

  4. Awesome job on the article and the graph!! I love that you used powerpoint. :) Are you going to post a revised graph with a new progesterone line or is it too hard to fix?

    • ha! you know I actually made one, I just didn’t upload it yet…because I didn’t want to be found out for the nerd I am :) totally uploading it when I get home.

  5. I’m a high school math teacher. Seriously thinking about using this as an example when we get to our chapter on line graphs. You think my students would die or what? =) Just wanted to say that I loved what you wrote in the Family Foundations magazine. I just got married a month ago, and I have been charting for a year. Ever since then I have become obsessed with NFP!! How can you not though right? Anyway, my husband and I have not started trying to have a baby yet, so I have no idea what our experience will be like. However, I do appreciate everything you shared. It’s great to know there is a community out there when we need prayers and/or support with our struggles. Just wanted you to know that our prayers are with you both.


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