How I interpret reserved maternity seats

Once when I was boarding a crowded bus in Mexico, I saw this sign above one row of seats:

Thinking that this was the seat that would make me pregnant (and they had left it open for me! they knew I was coming!) naturally I sat down in it.

But the more I sat there and stared at the picture, the more I decided that this seat might actually have an equal chance at giving me a larger-yet-saggier chest, a hunchback, and a huge ba-dunka dunk.  However, I thought the possible pros outweighed the cons, so I continued to sit.

(Un)Fortunately, to date I have not ended up with any of the above.

But then again, neither has my husband.

Oh well.

6 thoughts on “How I interpret reserved maternity seats

  1. OH…the elbows! I didn’t get that either.

    I found Europe had the FUNNIEST signs ever. The exit signs show people running…crack me up every time!

    I came over to say congrats on being highlighted in the CCL magazine!!! I was a bit annoyed they didn’t future any of us bloggers- then saw you!!!! How awesome!!! Congrats! Hope you get a lot of traffic from it!

  2. Dude! I would totally sit in that seat too, if I saw it :)

    Can you post the article from Family Foundations? I didn’t renew my subscription and stopped receiving them in December.

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