These things come in threes…

Got two pregnancy announcements over here today, so does anyone have something to add to it? It seems these things come in threes and I was kind of hoping just a little bit that #3 would be a sub/infertile blogger.


Maybe Sunshine from the other day counts? (Congrats Sunshine!)

Anyone else have something to tell us?


I’m sure you’d be screaming it from the rooftops if you were.

5 thoughts on “These things come in threes…

  1. It’s weird, but I didn’t want to scream my announcement from the rooftops out of respect for all the other subfertiles out there…because whenever I saw one of those kind of announcements (usually from people who don’t have fertility problems), it would make me feel even worse. Does that make any sense??? I didn’t want to feel guilty over that. But I think it’s just personal issues that I have to work through.

    Congrats to Sunshine!

  2. totally! I just meant, its probably not the type of news I have to force out of anyone around here. I’m sure they’d post it on their own blog first before commenting on mine! ;)

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