Wedding dress memory lane, anyone?

Betty Beguiles asked about wedding dresses the other day and I’ve been wanting to chime in but have been limited in my free time.  So here I am a little late but, better late than never.  So here’s my post about my wedding dress!  Which yes, was very special to me.

But first a quick digression.  I was flipping through digital wedding photos while a sample was running in lab.  I came across our wedding photographer’s blog post where she posted all our wedding pictures and a flood of emotions came over me.  Just seeing those pictures and remembering how I felt walking down that aisle and cutting that cake and seeing all our goofy smiles to prove it just made me tear up.  I look forward to the day when I get to see that man every day again, instead of little trips every few weeks before we separate again.  I haven’t written much about it, but this has been emotionally/mentally/physically challenging and I just can not wait for it to be over.  For us to be a normal couple again that commutes to a normal workplace 30 min. away instead of internationally.  I know it will be worth it in the long run, but until then it is not easy.  So I was looking at these pictures and silently tears started streaming down my face, tears of joy/nostalgia/tiredness and everything and who walks in but my boss. She hasn’t walked in like that in months.  Embarrassing.  I acted like I wasn’t crying (even though it was obvious) and I just answered her questions.  But her husband lives in China so maybe she understands.

Anyway, onto the dress.  I was never one of those girls who imagined my wedding dress.  In fact, I was one of those girls who screamed and kicked every time I was forced to wear a dress when I was younger.  For this reason, I was concerned about finding a dress that was ‘me’.  Of course, as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect.  The one.  And well, for me, I think it was :)

It had little cap sleeves and a square/Queen Anne neckline and lace all over.  Lace was the only thing I knew I wanted.

"Model" shot my sister took of me while our photographer was taking someone else's picture. Hence fake smile.

But the open back is what really sold me.  It kind of looked like a heart.

The back is what sold me.

And another favorite part was my bustle.  French, as opposed to American I guess?  Either way, it was way cool.

The French bustle

Especially when I twirled!

Ok, enough bragging.  My dress was tight.  And so was my photographer.

It was funny though, because I tried to get a friend of mine of similar stature to use it later.  It was just so beautiful I wanted to share it!  She respectfully declined and I thought it was because she didn’t want a used dress, which I could understand.  However, it later came out that her mom didn’t think it was modest enough.  Ooops.  Oh well.

Her loss.  Ha!

You should post about your wedding dress too so I’m not the only late one :P


19 thoughts on “Wedding dress memory lane, anyone?

  1. Gorgeous. I love it. And it’s original, too. Everyone who got married around the time that I did went with a satin, A-line, strapless gown. They were ALL IDENTICAL. So I love how unique yours is. And the open back is fabulous. I never thought I’d like open back but this one totally works.

    (We had a medieval-themed wedding, so I had a dress fashioned after the white gown with flowing sleeves that Eowyn wears in The Two Towers. If anyone here is a Lord of the Rings fan…)

  2. You are THE most gorgeous bride ever!! Your dress really was perfect for you – the whole package is stunning. I love the back, I love the sleeves, I love the train, and I absolutely adore the lace.

    Okay, I’d toyed with the idea but you sold me – I’ll be doing this late, too.

  3. Can I just say that your dress is amazing! I think I love it only second to my own (which was less modest, btw). And, despite “fake smile” I think you look absolutely beautiful. I agree-front, back, bustle, you nailed this one! p.s. I can’t imagine being that far from dh, I think anyone would understand how hard that must be, but surely your boss with a similar experience!

  4. I realize that sounded funny, saying second to my own. I guess I was just thinking that everyone should feel their dress is the best for them, but it came off wierd. I meant, that in your case, yours wasn’t just great for you, but I totally adore that style as well. If you’d have offered it to me, I would have took it in a heartbeat!

  5. I had a french bustle too! Loved your dress – very beautiful. ;) I had my perfect dress in mind before I went on The Big Dress hunt – a v front and back, silky, conforming to my body in all the right places – but then when I actually tried something like that on, it felt all wrong. I realized I wore dresses like that all the time (although shorter in length. lol I do NOT wear wedding dresses all the time) and that style of dress didn’t feel special like a wedding dress should. So…I ended up w/a beautiful strapless dress made of crushed taffeta (the sort of dress I had always sworn I wouldn’t wear! Ha!). I loved its “big-ness.” It was perfect. ;)

  6. gorgeous gorgeous dress! I was worried about modesty at my wedding, but mostly because my husband’s family are pretty conservative and I didn’t want to start them off with a bad impression of me! Turns out my sister-in-law’s wedding the next summer was complete with a dress that was way less modest than mine!

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