New Knits

So the famous knitting update…I’m starting to look forward to doing these!  I finished a project I’d been working on since the first time I went to Mexico:  a huge, soft knitted scarf . When I started on it back in the fall, it progressed quickly because it uses big needles and chunky yarn.  However, I quickly realized that under no circumstance in either geographic location I was oscillating between would I ever need such a wide, warm scarf.  So it sat unfinished to knit the socks.  How wrong I was!  TEXAS ICE STORM came two weeks ago (where we had for all of 3 hours – and 800 car accidents as a result)  and I finished this project in 1 night because I knew I would surely freeze to death without it.  Here it is in all its glory:  Chunky Scarf!

Next project…I mentioned my roommate wanted a hat like the one I made before.  So I tried to knit her one in time for her birthday.  And then Ice Storm was in the forecast, so I stayed up late one night trying to finish it because she did not even own a hat. Imagine my surprise when I finally finished it and tried to put it on.  It wouldn’t fit over my moonhead!!

FIrst hat I made (right) vs. new hat I made (left)

See, Eloisa?  I do have a cabeza de luna!  It turns out the directions didn’t include the needle size (and I forgot what I used last time) and I knitted it using the wrong needles.  That, apparently, makes a big difference.  Its super tight and really compresses the noggin.  That’s what I get for refusing to ever make a gauge swatch!  I need to find an 8 year old to give it to…

Final project, my first project knitting on a round needle!  All the internet sites make it sound like torture, but I found it surprisingly fun and easy.  The shape of the needle keeps the points close together so its easier to maneuver and knit quickly.  So my advice to all other knitters out there, do not fear the circle needle!  It might become your best friend.  Introducing, ‘Shroom Hat.







Its supposed to be a little slouchy, but I think I could have extended both the ribbing and the ‘shroom part to make it slouchier.  Also, with long hair, the only way I can wear it is with the hair in a bun (which I usually do anyway) otherwise the hat will just pop off.   I would have liked to use a brighter color yarn, but I just used what I had.  If I wear it incorrectly, it looks like a chef hat!  I will probably make this hat again since it looks cute from the front and is more stylish.

Anyways, that’s what I got!


BTW…my roommate painted that orange painting in the background…isn’t she talented?

9 thoughts on “New Knits

  1. So glad you posted this!! I am thinking about posting my knitting projects too :) I’m taking a sock class that starts next Wednesday! That should be something to talk about! I’ll have to post pics.

  2. God bless ya. People used to tell me to knit “to relax.” Yeah. I tried it – even took a class. Nothing frustrated me more and made me more anxious. Probably because I have giant hands that can’t do all those little loops. So…needless to say, I don’t knit to relax! Ha! LOVE the chunky scarf!

  3. You’re so talented!

    My great-grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was in middle school. I finally picked it up again about a year ago when I was waiting in the hospital during my nephew’s heart surgery. I started on a scarf but never finished it! If I spent as much time crocheting as I do reading blogs and books, I might actually get it done! :)

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